Concorda Line

500 Series | 600 Series | 2000 Series

A full lineup of gloss finished solid wood instruments with the quality, voice, and playability for which Walden is known. Included in this line is Walden’s Stage model, optimized for live performance.


Standard Line

300 Series

The perfect beginning for a player who wishes to start their musical journey with a quality instrument. Available in a variety of natural and colored gloss finishes.


Natura Line

500 Series | 600 Series | 700 Series

Only solid spruce and cedar soundboards are used on a Natura guitar because the tone of a solid top improves as the the natural wood fibers resonate and respond to your musical style.


SupraNatura Line

1000 Series | 2000 Series | 3000 Series

Detailed with all-wood binding and trim, wood inlaid rosettes, and wood bridges and end pins. A narrow-profile neck allows for smooth execution of the most complex fingerstyle techniques.


Madera Line

4000 Series

The all-solid wood Madera line is built with 100% certified FSC-Pure traditional guitar tonewoods. Sustainable. Ethical. Certified.