Concorda Line

In accordance with requests from players and artists, Walden Guitars has created the Concorda line: gloss finished solid wood instruments with the quality, voice and playability for which Walden is known. A full range of body selections, wood combinations, and solid top and all-solid wood models are available. Included in this line is Walden’s Stage model, optimized for live performance.


Concorda Concorda Concorda Concorda

Inlaid wood rosette
Concorda guitars feature a two ring inlaid wood rosette with a center section of Maple and Mahogany.

Fingerboard position markers
Understanted micro-dot position markers detail all Concorda steel-string guitars.

High gloss finish
Concorda guitars are coated with a Polyester/Polyurethane high gloss finish, resulting in a clear and penetrating sound.

All Concorda line guitars incorporate the elegent headstocks used on the SupraNatura line of guitars.