Natura D710

By Art Thompson
Guitar Player magazine, June 2009. From the 'Gear Roundup: 5 New Flat-Tops.' More on the D710.


The D710 is a dreadnought-sized guitar that features a satin finish, a solid top and back, and nice looking appointments. The bindings (white/black on the body, black on the neck) are grade A, and the multi-layer back stripe and wedge-shaped end piece are precisely set. Ditto for the abalone rosette and the abalone "Walden" logo that's inlaid into the rosewood headstock facing. Tortoise-shell buttons class up the gold-plated tuners, and the nut is carefully worked and polished. Despite a white-ish mottling on the fretboard's surface, the frets themselves are finished well and don't have any sharp ends to dig into your hand. The D710's interior construction is generally clean and tight, although some of the bracing could stand a bit more sanding to remove "hairs" that pop out of the wood.

Set up with reasonably low action, the Chinese-made D710 plays easily and sounds musically in tune. As you'd expect from a dreadnought, the tones are muscular and present. The D710 delivers a good amount of volume, and with its abundant bass and punchy midrange, notes ring out clearly and have good dynamic feel. With no onboard electronics, the D710 is less suitable for stage use, but it sure records well. We had the opportunity to hear it miked with an SE Electronics SE4400a condenser and tracked it into Logic on a Mac laptop through a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 multi-audio interface, and the resulting tones were warm, rich, and nicely detailed. A versatile guitar for an attractive price, the D710 stands out as an excellent value for those seeking a purely acoustic experience (the D710CE comes with Fishman Aero+ electrics and a cutaway).