Natura G740CE

By Cadu Correia

Translated excerpts from Brazil's Guitar Player magazine, Feb 2006. For more information on the G740CE, click here.

These days it's not hard to find high quality, well-finished Chinese instruments at a good price. The Walden G740CE is just such an instrument. The body shape is similar to Taylor's grand auditorium and the guitar is built with quality materials that result in a beautiful sound.

The G740CE has a blemish-free nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Made from tree fiber, nitrocellulose lacquer has been the material of choice for guitar finishing since the eighteenth century. A satin finish is smoother than a high gloss finish, allowing for easier and faster movement along the neck.

The G740CE 's top is made of solid Sitka spruce, a wood that delivers tons of volume and equilibrium. It is the top choice for guitarists who play with a heavy hand. The abalone rosette is a nice detail and inside the body you'll find thin brace wood that structures the sound. The braces increase the bass sound without losing the harmonics and treble sounds.

The bridge and fingerboard are made of Indian rosewood — the most desired wood for acoustic guitars, as well as electric and bass guitars. The beautiful design adds to the overall quality of the instrument. The sides and back of the G740CE are made from African mahogany, which produces consistent sound and maintains stability.

Walden Guitars uses only mahogany on the neck of their instruments. The comfortably-shaped G740CE neck has 20 frets. The cutaway affords easy access to the treble frets and the neck body joint is like a dovetail, yielding great sustain. An important detail of the instrument is the truss rod which precisely and securely adjusts the action, even with heavy strings.

The instrument is 64.77cm between the top and bridge nut. Locked, gold machine heads assure accurate tuning. The headstock features Indian rosewood and a pearl Walden logo. The Fishman Classic 4 is a four band EQ that yields different sounds.


First, we tested the Walden plugged into a Beringher console and Antera amplified speakers. In all EQ and volume set ups, the G740CE had a great sound. When connecting it with a microphone, in addition to the preamp, the sound quality increased most noticeably at high volumes.

Next we connected it to a Fender Acoustasonic 30. The sound was even better and fuller. Using maximum volume, flat EQ and no effects, the G740CE performed extremely well, without noise and feedback. Using DSP effects, the guitar produced full, great sounds with sufficient dept to convince the most demanding guitarists. A little chorus and reverb provided beautiful lines that are useful in pop-rock, Brazilian country and other styles. The Walden G740CE is a professional and adaptable guitar for any musicians work.