Listen to Walden Owners

Markus Gäertner from Germany on the G2070

Markus Gaertner on his G2070

Markus playing "Paulina Anthem" on the G2070

"When I first got my new Walden G2070 I just could not stop playing. It was magic and it is still. Superb craftmanship and outstanding tone. The solid cedar top lets you clearly separate the notes which is essential for fingerstyle players."

Guillermo Carrasco from Caracas, Venezuela on the D560B

Guillermo Carrasco and his D560B

Guillermo playing "Quiero Ser Tu Heroe" on the D560B.

It is wonderful, and everybody asks me about the price!

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Laura Thompson from the UK on the G3030CE

Laura Thompson on her G3030CE

Laura playing "All My Faith" on the G3030CE.

The Walden G3030CE is a beautifully made, beautiful looking guitar. I bought it because it simply outclasses other guitars in a similar price range. I find it extremely easy to play and it has an instantly great tone, both for recording and gigging. I am forever receiving compliments from other musicians about its soft, yet clear sound.

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Linday Jo playing a cover of Phil Wickham's "Eden"

Glimmer Void playing their song "Goners"

Paul Briscoe from West Yorkshire, UK

Paul playing "Signing Off" on the G3030CE.

Paul playing "Warts 'n' All" on the G2070.

Paul Briscoe and his G3030CE
Paul Briscoe and his G3030CE.

Over the past few years I have played literally dozens (possibly hundreds!) of different makes and models of acoustic guitar, trying to find something reasonably priced which would do justice to my semi-classical fingerstyle compositions. Most guitars I have tried have fallen short of my expectations, either sounding too thin or lacking in refinement. However, in the Walden Supranatura range I have finally found what I have been looking for.

In fact, every Walden guitar I have played (I now own 5 - G3030CE, G2070, G3000, D550 and N730) shares a playability, focus and above all a purity of tone that I have only previously found in far more expensive instruments. Your Supranatura guitars finally put truly professional instruments within reach of ordinary working people. My G3030CE is now the only guitar I take when I perform live!

With my new guitars I have finally achieved my ambition of recording a CD of my music. The first was recorded using my G3030CE and the second with the G2070. The recording setup I used was simple - a pair of Rode NT3's and a Zoom H4n pocket recorder. I think the recordings speak for themselves - the Walden guitars have performed superbly as studio instruments.

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Dan Tindall from N. Ireland on the D560

Dan playing "It Doesn't Really Matter" on the D560.

I bought a D560 about a year ago, and it was obviously so new it had never even seen the light, never mind been played - some care on my part over where it was kept, and plenty of playing, and now it sounds just great - it did take a year for it to mature and loosen up, but it has a distinctly 'American' sound to it, somewhere between Martin and Taylor.

I recorded my last 'online LP' 'Harrisburg' using the D560 as the main acoustic guitar, and its bright loud sound is very pleasing, and very different to my other guitars - it also sits very well with them in the various multi-tracked mixes.

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Einar Aarnes from Sweden/Norway on the G570

Einar on the G570L.

Just wanted to say that the Walden guitar I got (the G570L) plays and sounds great. It's got a clarity to it that I have not experienced any where else. Each string sings. It's just a nice axe.

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Ian J Cowan from Washington, UK on the G630CE

Ian playing the theme from Twin Peaks on his G630CE.

I absolutely adore my Walden. I have recently bought a G630CE and without doubt, it is my favourite acoustic.

I have been playing for 30 years, during that time I have horse traded so many guitars I can't count them all. In the late 90's with a new job and starting a family - my music went into the closet. Now my daughter does not need so much attention lavished on her - I have in the past two years got back into playing guitar again.

I have too many strats, 335's and some home brew guitars. I wanted a nice classy acoustic, but just could not find what I was looking for - until I found Walden. The balance of sound is just perfect, the resonance is to die for. The intonation as supplied was perfect and makes the harmonics just ring. I play all sorts of genres and have used this from classical pieces, through jazz and blues, to rock and experimental.

Thank you Walden for producing my most prized guitar - a guitar that will get even better over time. This one will stay with me forever, it's a keeper and a joy to play.

Cliff Sullins on the G730

Cliff Sullins and his G730

Listen to Cliff playing "Rest Now (Reprise) on his G730.

When I recorded "Rest Now (Reprise)" I was stunned at how the guitar recorded so effortlessly. By that I mean there was little EQ used and Reverb was only for flavor. The guitar is now 5 months in my possession. It has gotten better and better and there is a personality that comes out of this instrument that just makes me smile.

You know that Walden is the first choice of mine when recommending a guitar. So now that you have heard the guitar recorded do you agree with what I hear?

It must make you smile to know how many people love these instruments. I sure do. I think I sold another one tonight... A guy who is coming to my studio for a recording project played it and FELL IN LOVE ! I told him to go to Play It Again Music in Ann Arbor, Mi and buy himself one. He seemed pretty interested. He asked if he could use mine in the studio if needs be. I said of course.

So now I am getting a G570... Tho I am awfully tempted by the O550.... We'll have to see. Anyway thanks again for these fine instruments... I am a fan for life. I have a pretty big stable of guitars but I will buy more Waldens and sell others I don't like as much. Here is why... This is my Walden with a student's new G570 and is she ever happy! She wants me to record with it so my next unheard of "greatest hit" will be with hers and mine Gs.

Aki Rintamäki from Espoo, Finland on the D570

"I was choosing an affordable acoustic for my parents to give to my younger brother as a Christmas present. I remember trying a Walden a long time ago and finding it to be marvelous for the price. It was really easy to talk my mom into the D570 since the guitar is ridiculously cheap! Instead of bringing my own acoustic, I played with my brother's new D570 at our extended family get-together. I am flabbergasted. This guitar is darn good. I ended up putting my both acoustics for sale in order to get a Walden for myself also. Each of the acoustics I have cost more than twice as much as the D570. I believe that the G1070 will be the guitar for me, but I must test all available cedar topped Waldens before deciding. I have no idea how you guys do it, but you make excellent guitars with a ridiculous price tag. Thank you very much for that!"

Listen to Aki playing his brother's D570.

Aki is a recording engineer / freelance musician who lives in Espoo / Finland. He began playing drums at the age of 9, but became interested in guitar a few years later. He is now a freelancer playing guitar or bass who is deeply influenced by Robben Ford, Dave Matthews Band and Muse.