Owner Reviews: SupraNaturas

Here's what some Walden owners have to say. Let us know how you feel about your Walden guitar by dropping us a line at owners@waldenguitars.com. Feel free to send pictures or MP3 bites of you and your Walden guitar. We'd love to see and hear what your up to!

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S. M. from Utah on the D2040

I am new to guitar, and a girl, and in my search for a playable guitar I almost thought I would end up sacrificing the sound and depth that I wanted to get one I could play with my small hands, until I found the D2040. I really liked the looks, clean and understated with nice inlay and beautiful wood. I knew the minute I played the first chord that I had found my guitar. I found it easy to play the chords that I thought were nearly impossible for me on my cheap guitar, and the sound was amazing. Now that I have played it for a few months it is even better! I was very pleased that such a wonderful guitar was priced within my reach. My teacher who plays a $3000.00 guitar was also very impressed at the playability and wonderful sound. Thank you for building such a wonderful instrument.


Glen Kingsley Ewing on the G3000

V. Zotelli and his D560CE

This is "my path" to finding my Walden guitar - G3000. At the age of 8 I had classical guitar lessons till I was 16. From the age of 16 – 20 years old I played all sorts of music still using my classical guitars. It wasn’t until I saw Antoine Dufour’s song 'Spiritual Groove' off Youtube when I was 20 years old that my life changed in terms of guitar playing. The likes of Don Ross, Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour play a type of Fingerstyle Percussive playing involving technical techniques like harmonic tapping on a sort of grand auditorium/jumbo shaped acoustic guitar.

So, eagerly having this desire to dive straight into this style of guitar playing, I needed an acoustic guitar of this nature. Having no knowledge or experience in acoustic guitar brands, I knew one thing: I wanted the same style of guitar as these amazing guitarists. After a long time searching the internet I came across the G3000 and I fell in love with it. I loved its dark, thick Indian Rosewood back and sides, satin finish and its neck. You also receive a hardback case, which looks just as beautiful as the guitar its self! I was impressed with the price and the clear sound it produces from a harmonic tap, it’s amazing!

I actually showed one of my good friends, who has the same guitar background, about Walden and he also fell in love with the G2070. Being 6 months down the line, since we both bought our Walden guitars, we love playing them and it’s our treasured possession. Walden’s G3000 guitar has met my needs and desires in providing me with a beautiful guitar with the clear and perfect sounds I want.

This is "my path, my dream. My Walden" story.


Markus Gaertner on his G2070Markus Gäertner from Germany on the G2070

When I first got my new Walden G2070 I just could not stop playing. It was magic and it is still. Superb craftmanship and outstanding tone. The solid cedar top lets you clearly separate the notes which is essential for fingerstyle players.

Robin Riley from Evansville, IN on the G2070

I am a middle-aged, short woman with small hands and I decided I wanted to take guitar lessons. I have been using a Washburn 3/4 size guitar (a model Washburn doesn't make anymore) because the neck on a full-sized guitar is just too wide for me. So, even though the Washburn guitar is all right, I decided I wanted a new guitar.

I went to the internet and started studying up on different guitar makers, and I ran across an article about the new narrow necks on your guitars. I went to your website and checked out the guitars. Listened to the different artists playing different models of your guitars and decided I liked the G2070.

Well, the closest dealer to me is over 2 hours away so that is why I went to e-bay. Anyway, I bought this guitar and got it delivered to me Friday and I have spent a lot of this weekend playing it. It is everything your website said it would be and I love it!

The neck is just right for me. It is the same size (if not a little narrower) as my 3/4 size guitar yet it has this wonderful, resonant sound of a full size guitar because it is one. I love the way it is made and think it is just gorgeous. Just thought I would let you know what I think of it. I am going to tell all the women guitar players I know about your guitars. Thanks for a great guitar!

Wayne Walden from North Muskegon, Michigan on the G2070

I have played fingerstyle guitar for 25 to 30 years. My last name is Walden (no connection), which led to my initial curiosity about Walden guitars. I recently bought a G2070, and feel blessed. It is difficult for me to imagine that any other guitar at any price could be significantly better in aesthetics, playability, or sound. It’s like a handmade custom instrument. This thing is as clear as a bell, and set up perfectly. I would be embarrassed to tell you what a deal I got on it. I own several other steel string and classical guitars. Over time, I intend to replace them all with Walden models. Thanks a million for making these guitars available at such a great price. Walden Guitars has to be one of the biggest made-in-China success stories.


Julie D. from New Zealand on the G3030CE

This guitar you made is just what I was looking for. Actually it’s even nicer than what I was hoping for. The right size and shape for me, much nicer looking and more practical then a dread (for me, I’m small), lovely thin neck, a nice nut size (I have small hands so playing it classical is no problem for me) and it plays so sweetly when I play it softly. Plus it sounds good plugged into my stereo if for some reason I do want to play it loud. I’m planning on trying out some recording software and plugging it into my laptop at some stage, just for fun.


Chris Hinson from Cumming, GA on the G3030CEQ

I love my new Walden 3030CEQ! I’ve been playing guitar for 31 years and owned dozens of guitars during this time. I recently decided it was time for a new acoustic guitar. I spent several weeks trying out all of the high dollar guitars and was about to drop $3K on a Taylor when I discovered the Walden completely by accident. Played side by side against the high dollar guitars, the Walden delivered excellent bass response, wonderful mids and a warm crystalline high end that was every bit the sonic equivalent of the expensive guitars. The playability exceeded that of the more expensive models! I haven’t been able to put this thing down and it has really inspired me to spend more time playing again. Thanks for such a great playing, great sounding and truly inspirational musical instrument!

Frank Garcia of The Rythmcats from New Windsor, MD on the G3030CEQ

I have recently purchased the amazing G3030CEQ. I have owned many guitars, one being a Taylor acoustic that I am very fond of, however I have been in search of a companion guitar to perform with. Obviously I was looking for a guitar with comparable quality and sound. The Walden G3030CEQ with its quality of rich tones, clarity and smooth playability is just that! This guitar is incredible, with its all solid wood, superior craftsmanship and Fishman Prefix Pro, it provides professional sound and quality with an affordable price tag.

Visit The Rythmcats at www.rhythmcats.net.