Owner Reviews: Standards

Here's what some Walden owners have to say. Let us know how you feel about your Walden guitar by dropping us a line at owners@waldenguitars.com. Feel free to send pictures or MP3 bites of you and your Walden guitar. We'd love to see and hear what your up to!

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Michael C. from Troy, NY on the D350, N570 and D552

I let my brother and three other friends try my Waldens and none of them believed the quality, and the voice on such affordable guitars. Bottom line, they now all own one.


Steve Valenti from Weston, CT on the D350CEB and D552

I traded in my Yamaha 12 string for a brand new D350CEB for my 12 year old son. This guitar, even for being on the entry level of Walden, is fantastic! He loves it. Hell, I love it! It's very comfortable/easy to play and sounds great....not to mention it's great looking black gloss finish. Also, I sold my "Little Martin" and picked up the D552 for my son for Christmas. It arrived and I had to take it out and try it before I wrap it and put it away. What a great sounding guitar. Blows that Yamaha away by a long shot! This D552 is also comfortable/easy to play and sounds incredible. Keep up the good work! I don't know how many more Walden's one family can have! It amazes me that with this quality (and price point) that Walden's aren't more common.


Pete Laracuente from Converse, TX on the D351

I was impressed with my new Walden Model D351 Natural Mahogany Acoustic Guitar! I purchased it because I'm learning to play Blues, and wanted a "voice" different from my other acoustics. In addition to my new Walden, I own a C.F. Martin Model GSR - Spruce top /rosewood back/sides , an Epiphone Masterbilt 500MNS, Spruce top /Mahogany back/sides, and a Takamine EG530SSC Acoustic/Electric - Spruce top/Sapele back/sides.

I am also very pleased with the workmanship, attention to detail, and the "Bluesy" sound/"voice" of the Walden Model D351. All this... plus a really nice padded Gig Bag! Unbelievable! If this is the overall quality present at the lower-end of the Walden model/price spectrum, the high-end models must be outstanding.

My Walden was clean, shiny, and not a scratch or ding on it anywhere! I looked inside the sound hole, using a flashlight and an extendable Dentist's mirror. Not a sign of glue. Walden workmen obviously paid as much attention to the internal workings as much as they did to the exterior of the guitar.

The sound of the D351 projects nicely, and has great sustain when individual chords are played (try a G Chord in first position). The acoustic sound it emits belies the fact that it is an all-laminate acoustic guitar. The D351 will serve quite nicely for Church Retreats indoors and outdoors, with or without my removable Merkley Sound Hole Amplifier, and during outdoor inclement weather when I won't want any of my other acoustics to brave the elements.