Owner Reviews: Naturas

Here's what some Walden owners have to say. Let us know how you feel about your Walden guitar by dropping us a line at owners@waldenguitars.com. Feel free to send pictures or MP3 bites of you and your Walden guitar. We'd love to see and hear what your up to!

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Andrew Stringer on the D550

Before now, I have only owned one guitar in my life, though I have played many as I used to travel from church to church playing instruments with other folks in those churches. My old guitar was a priceless Gibson (of which only 200 were ever made) that I was given when I was 17. When I played all those other Martins, Taylors, Alvarez, Ibanez, etc... I would joke around with the owners that they needed to play my guitar if they wanted to play a real one! I loved that guitar. However, my 5 year old son knocked it over a year ago and broke the neck (you can hear my heart breaking).

I have gone to several music stores and played their guitars without finding one that I could even tolerate, let alone love! Then I went to Portman's Music Store in Savannah, GA, to try out some Gibson and Martin guitars. When I went in, I noticed a Walden D550 hanging up there with all those way more expensive models. I decided to give it a try. It was on special for about half the normal price, so I thought maybe I could buy a cheap guitar that I could tolerate and play it until I found a "real guitar" that I could love. About 10 minutes later, I walked out of that store with that guitar. On top of that, I am not looking for a "real guitar"--this is as real as it gets. I simply love it.

One more thing.... After owning the guitar only a couple of months, I was leaving the church carrying my guitar (not in case), two 2-liters, and a Bible, and I tripped coming down the front steps and landed square on top of my guitar (I weigh a good 265 lbs.). I was afraid that my brand new guitar would never be the same, but I can't tell a difference in its sound or playability. There are just a few scratches around the perimeter of the face of the guitar; other than that, it seems to be like new.

So, for me, Walden has much going for it... Beauty, Playability, Durability, & Affordability!

Thanks for a great deal of a guitar!

Ralph Fourt on the D550

I just purchased, yesterday, a D550 and absolutely love it! I feel like the luckiest 58-year old guy in the world. It was the only Walden in the store, hanging among Martin's, Larivee's, Gibson's, Cort's, Seagull's, Fender's, Epiphone's, and others. Although many of those others were excellent guitars, when I played the Walden D550 it had the most wonderful, musical voice I could imagine. The fit and finish superb in every detail. The set-up and action were perfect. My fingers glide effortlessly up and down the silky fretboard, and the strings do not screech when sliding over them. Moreover the string spacing is great for fingerstyle playing. I cannot believe how easy this instrument is to play. The string tension in regular tuning seems so relaxed, and yet the tonal qualities do not degrade under moderately heavy strumming. The strings are so very easy to press down, and yet there is no buzzing.

Paul Toracinta from Rockville, RI on the D550

I recently purchased a nice affordable Walden D550 acoustic guitar for a friend that wanted to learn how to play. I looked around a few stores and the guitars in that price range were typically in need of severe adjustments, then I came across the Walden Guitars. This guitar played nicely right off the shelf with a nice rich tone and the factory setup was great. For the money I figured she couldn't go wrong. So I gave a few lessons and the more I played this guitar the more I liked it. So after a few nights on the web and reading up on Walden Guitars I've taken the plunge and just ordered a 12 String D552, a G3000 and a G1070CEQ for my own personal use. The quality of the parts and workmanship is fantastic and make these the best value in acoustic guitars that I have seen in years. Keep up the great work!

Scott Tuckness on the D550

I have been playing acoustic guitar since I was 8 and I am 42 years old. I play for my own enjoyment and never really have had any desire to be a professional player but I have owned a lot of different low priced guitars over the years. I have owned Washburn's, Ovation, Alvarez and Oscar Schmitt to name a few.

With a wife and 3 kids to support going out and snagging a Taylor or Martin is not going to happen so when I was looking to get rid of a Jumbo sized acoustic I went shopping. A little place by the name of P-Hill auctions in Pleasant Hill Missouri was selling some Walden's, so I got curious and being an IT manager for GE I research everything I purchase. While I could not find a lot of ink on Walden guitars what I did find was nothing but good. Normally you find 50% of the people love a brand and the other 50% hate them and start talking about the action being too high or the tuning keys being horrible or the neck not having a good feel and of course the most important thing about any guitar TONE.

Finally I went to P-Hill played a Epiphone, Jay Turser and a Washburn D-10S before I picked up the Walden D550. While it did not have fancy tobacco sunburst or blue or red shiny paint job it was nice looking in a natural way, thus natural finish. However I tuned this guitar up, and starting playing some chords and the tone of this guitar just about knocked me off the stool I was sitting on.

Folks this guitar has tone that I believe could stand up against 800 to 900 dollar guitars made by Martin or even some of your lower priced Taylors. I own a ESP-LTD EC-100 and a Jay Turser Tele but the guitar I seem to not be able to go more than a day without picking up and playing is my Walden D550. This guitar feels as good as it sounds and I could not be happier with it. If your looking for a quality guitar that is pleasing to the ear snag yourself a Walden, you will be glad you did.

Tom Gindorf on the D550

The fit and finish are very good, the playability is very very good, and the tone is a cross between Martin and Taylor. Every string plays true with punchy trebles and a very present bass. I am very pleased.


Jeff H. from Vermont on the D550CE

Just bought a D550CE and am delighted with it. Originally I bought it as my 'office' guitar, but its coming home with me.


V. Zotelli and his D560CE

A. J. Smith of Seven Springs Church from Calera, AL on the D550E and D552

I've had my D552 for about a month. I love it. It plays well and holds tune very nicely. This is my first (and probably only) 12 string. I've heard they can be hard to tune and keep tuned, but this one does very well. I play it and my D550E about equally leading praise and worship in the church I attend. Thanks for two great instruments.

Visit Seven Springs Church at www.sevenspringschurch.net.


Robert Jacobson from Chicco, CA on the D552

My wife bought me D552 for Christmas. What a fantastic gift! I had played many other 12 string guitars at a local music store, including Fenders, Seagulls, and Taylors. I found the Walden D552 be be a very comfortable 12 string to play. This is a guitar sounds excellent and was my favorite of the lot. An incredible value as well. Everyone that has seen and played my Walden is amazed by how great it sounds and how great they compare to other 12 strings.

Michael C. from Troy, NY on the D350, N570 and D552

I let my brother and three other friends try my Waldens and none of them believed the quality, and the voice on such affordable guitars. Bottom line, they now all own one.

Steve Valenti from Weston, CT on the D350CEB and D552

I traded in my Yamaha 12 string for a brand new D350CEB for my 12 year old son. This guitar, even for being on the entry level of Walden, is fantastic! He loves it. Hell, I love it! It's very comfortable/easy to play and sounds great....not to mention it's great looking black gloss finish. Also, I sold my "Little Martin" and picked up the D552 for my son for Christmas. It arrived and I had to take it out and try it before I wrap it and put it away. What a great sounding guitar. Blows that Yamaha away by a long shot! This D552 is also comfortable/easy to play and sounds incredible. Keep up the good work! I don't know how many more Walden's one family can have! It amazes me that with this quality (and price point) that Walden's aren't more common.

A. J. Smith of Seven Springs Church from Calera, AL on the D550E and D552

I've had my D552 for about a month. I love it. It plays well and holds tune very nicely. This is my first (and probably only) 12 string. I've heard they can be hard to tune and keep tuned, but this one does very well. I play it and my D550E about equally leading praise and worship in the church I attend. Thanks for two great instruments.

Visit Seven Springs Church at www.sevenspringschurch.net.


Steve V. from Weston, CT on the D555

I am a beginner. I've been teaching myself for about a year now. I've been looking for a second acoustic guitar to go along with my Martin/Sigma DR-41. My goal was to purchase a guitar on a limited budget that sounded decent but one that I could take with me when I travel so that in case it was damaged or lost that my exposure wasn't too great. So, I decided on the Walden D555....very much like my DR-41 with a spruce top and solid wood sides (Sapele Mahogany vs. Rosewood on the DR-41). My decision, as it turned out, was not solely based on price as the feel and sound of the D555 is absolutely incredible. Therefore, my decision was based on a fantastic sounding guitar that was easy to play at a price that seemed like I was stealing! I couldn't say no. Again, I'm a beginner but I like to think that I know what feels good and what sounds good. The D555 not only sounds bright but it has deep bass tones and sustains very nicely. And, too boot, it projects extremely well. I must say, that I play the D555 more than I do the DR-41 now. I may even leave the D555 home when I travel and let the Martin/Sigma have the chance of getting damaged or lost. Nice work!


Robert Kung from Victoria BC, Canada on the D560

I was in the market for a new acoustic guitar to take traveling and to the beach when a good friend of mine told me about Walden guitars. I had never heard of Walden but he had bought one and was very happy with it. I went to the local dealer and tried the D550 and D560 models and said to the store owner “these sound and play pretty damn fine for a $200 guitar!” He told me he had sold several hundred of them and has never had a complaint or return.

I eventually bought a Larrivee 6-string acoustic at 5 times the cost but could not keep my mind off the Walden. Since I was unwilling to bring the Larrivee to the beach I went and purchased a Walden D560. The Walden D560 is a proud member of my small but high quality guitar collection, which includes the Larrivee, a Guild 12-string, an American Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Telecaster. The Walden is my travel and party guitar, mostly because of its low price point, but the quality is that of a guitar 3 times the cost and I care for it the same as the other guitars I own. It plays and sounds better than several Martins I tried which cost between $1200 and $1500!

Thank you for making such a quality product for such a low price point. Walden is far and away the best value in acoustic guitars for the budget minded musician.

Drew Smith on the D560

After trying out about 20 different guitars I decided to purchase a D560. I just wanted to let you know after playing it for about a week I am now more pleased than I was when I first brought it home. Thank you for making a quality guitar at an affordable price.

Guillermo Carrasco and his D560B


Guillermo Carrasco from Caracas, Venezuela on the D560B

It is wonderful, and everybody asks me about the price!

Listen to Guillermo on his D560B playing Quiero Ser Tu Heroe.

For more, visit guillermocarrasco.net.


Kim Disco from Wilmington, North Carolina on the D560CE

I looked at all of the "typical" brands when I was looking for a new acoustic-electric guitar. I'd been playing an Ibanez for a few years and was looking for something that felt softer on the fingers and had the same quality when played unplugged as plugged in. I played dozens of guitars at different shops, and then I came across the Walden D560CE. It was love at first strum! The guitar felt and played like a dream, and I was delighted at the quality of the tone both plugged in to an amp and played unplugged. I've had my Walden D560CE for about 6 months now, and I'm just as delighted as the day I got it. The sound is great on stage, in the studio, or in an intimate "unplugged" setting. I've played numerous shows where other musicians have heard and/or played my guitar and everyone has raved about how it sounds and feels. I've recommended the Walden D560CE to everyone who is in the market for a new guitar - it's a quality product for a very reasonable price. I have also been impressed with the level of customer service - not only does Walden care about guitars, but they care about people too. I look forward to playing my Walden for years to come!

V. Zotelli from São Paulo, Brasil on the D560CE

Toco desde os 14 anos e nunca tinha ouvido falar da marca Walden aqui no Brasil. Hoje tenho 29, e a há um ano atrás, ao procurar por um bom violão elétrico que combinasse preço, sonoridade, afinação, qualidade das matérias-primas e um acabamento bem feito, só encontrei no meu Walden D560CE, foi amor ao primeiro acorde. No princípio fiquei desconfiado porque nunca havia ouvido falar de tal marca, nenhum dos meus amigos tinha ou conhecia tais violões. Tive muita sorte quando o atendente me ofereceu para testar um violão que eu sequer tinha percebido na loja. Sou apaixonado pelo meu Walden. Plugadou ou não, é o som que eu sempre esperei de um violão.

V. Zotelli and his D560CE

[English translation: I've played since I was 14 years old and had never heard of Walden here in Brazil. Today I'm 29 years old and last year I was looking for a good electric guitar that combined price, sound, refinement, quality materials and a good finish. I found it only in my Walden D560CE and it was love at the first chord. In the beginning I was distrustful because I have never heard of the brand and none of my friends had or knew of these guitars. I was very lucky when the salesman let me test so I could hear what it sounded like in the store. I have gotten passionate about my Walden. Plugged or unplugged, it's the sound that I have always wanted from a guitar.]

Fraser L. from Amble, Northumberland, England on the D560CE

I bought a D560CE a few days ago having tried offerings from Tanglewood, Takemine and Fender. My gigging guitar is a Takemine 12-string which cost a helluva lot more than the D560CE. However, for tonal quality, body and neck finish and overall playability, the D560CE is absolutely brilliant. I have been playing guitars for over 45 years. In that time I have owned a plethora of brands, including Gibsons, Gretsches, Fenders and Rickenbachers. The D560CE, penny for penny, beats all these hands down. Well done, Walden. I shall be recommending your guitars to my playing friends.


Aki Rintamäki from Espoo, Finland on the D570

I was choosing an affordable acoustic for my parents to give to my younger brother as a Christmas present. I remember trying a Walden a long time ago and finding it to be marvelous for the price. It was really easy to talk my mom into the D570 since the guitar is ridiculously cheap! Instead of bringing my own acoustic, I played with my brother's new D570 at our extended family get-together. I am flabbergasted. This guitar is darn good. I ended up putting my both acoustics for sale in order to get a Walden for myself also. Each of the acoustics I have cost more than twice as much as the D570. I believe that the G1070 will be the guitar for me, but I must test all available cedar topped Waldens before deciding. I have no idea how you guys do it, but you make excellent guitars with a ridiculous price tag. Thank you very much for that!

Aki is a recording engineer / freelance musician who lives in Espoo / Finland. He began playing drums at the age of 9, but became interested in guitar a few years later. He is now a freelancer playing guitar or bass who is deeply influenced by Robben Ford, Dave Matthews Band and Muse.

Listen to Aki playing the D570.


Rob S. from Needham, MA on the G570

I just bought a G570, and I’m astounded by the amount of quality and tone packed into such an inexpensive package. I’ve owned a LOT of nice guitars over 25 years, some as much as 5 times the price of the G570, and this one can hold its own against any of them. Thanks Walden!

Michael Mucklow on the G570

My main guitar is (was?) a US made Breedlove, a Grand Concert Model. The G570 is the ONLY guitar I've heard come even close to the sound of a Breedlove. But I like the G570 sound better! ...I've just finished recording my first (solo) CD on which I used the Breedlove. I will be using the G570 on my next CD, guaranteed.

Michael is now an Walden Artist. Find out more about him here.

Dave Middleton on the G570

I am the proud 2nd place winner of your G570 through the Walden Giveaway with Playguitar! What a beautiful guitar! The tone and action are perfect for me. It's even caused me to venture out of the woodshed and into a small band. Not a bad start for a 52 year old that's been stuck in the same chords and simple riffs for the last 30 years, eh?


John Hudson from Spartanburg, SC on the G570CE

I picked up my Walden G570CE about a year ago and it was absolutely love at first sight. I personally have always been a dreadnaught fan but the feel of the Grand Auditorium blew me away. Walden’s are becoming extremely popular among my friends and fellow pickers. A close friend of mine that I perform with took one look at my Walden, played for about ten minutes and then went out and purchased one identical to mine. We have since had to have our names stitched into our gig bags to tell our instruments apart. I was asked one Saturday night at an open mic night if I liked my Taylor I was playing and my only response was, 'You must be mistaken, I only play Walden guitars.' Thanks so much for producing a guitar that sounds like a million dollars but doesn’t cost it.


Einar Aarnes from Sweden/Norway on the G570L

Just wanted to say that the Walden guitar I got plays and sounds great. It's got a clarity to it that I have not experienced any where else. Each string sings. It's just a nice axe.

Listen to Einar on the G570L.

Ric Ledford of Asheville, NC on the G570L

I just received my new G570L. Man what a sound!!! If it sounds this good new I can’t wait till it gets some age on it and the soundboard really opens up. I have been a D-body fan for years but this G-body has really changed my mind.


Matt Allen from Exeter, UK on the G570TB

Today I got my new Walden, a lovely G570TB. I am still surprised at the cost since to me it sounds and plays and seems built and set up like a much dearer instrument. I initially played the all solid and more expensive G3000 at Manson’s guitar show last weekend in the UK, but I liked the cedar top of the 570 and the price too! I would add that I have played guitars by Freshman, Yamaha, Takamine and Tanglewood in this price range and up to about £500 and although very good, I can say that to my ears this guitar is better. Owing to the low cost of the Walden and a favourable p/x deal I was also able to afford a dreadnought I had my eye on as well, so I can now benefit from two totally different bodied guitars giving me a broader range of sound.

Trina B. from Ogden Dunes, IN on the G570TB

It was love at first sight! When the Walden G570TB became available I bought her at first chance. What a beautiful looking guitar as well as an amazing sounding guitar! Still can't get over the price! I will be forever, a life-long Walden guitar fan. Thanks.


Bill Dalziel from Scotland on the G630CE

I have played guitar on and off for about 27 years and, although I am pretty proficient in various styles of electric and acoustic type music, I am not a professional musician. I do know a good instrument when I see one though, and I have had the opportunity to play quality instruments such as Martin, Taylor, Ovation, Takamine, etc.

I bought my G630CE from eBay as a new but blemished due to two tiny hairline cracks in the lacquer, so I paid only about one third of the normal United Kingdom retail price. Because of that I knew I would be getting a pretty good instrument for a bargain price, but this did not prepare me for what I discovered when I opened the box.

The guitar was presented very well in its standard cardboard box, and comes with a great little humidifier and full instructions for that and the electrics. I was a little worried about the darkness of the back and sides and feared that it may be inferior wood or plywood stained to emulate rosewood very convincingly, but quickly discovered that not only are the back and sides good tonewoods, but the cedar top is of a close-grained quality that is quite rare these days. The finish quality is as perfect as one can hope for in a natural wood instrument, and the fretwork was immaculate. The only thing I would say is that the bridge and fingerboard do need some feeding as they look and feel a bit dry, but this is normal and should be done regularly by the user anyway.

I could feel the resonance even by handling the guitar before tuning it to pitch which was done accurately with the quality gold coloured machine heads that enhance the appearance. Wow! The guitar sang sweetly and stayed in tune after a quick stretch of the strings and a re-tune. The intonation is spot on, and harmonics ring out better than any other acoustic I have played. The neck is very comfortable and string spacing feels somewhere between a standard steel string acoustic and a Fender Stratocaster, so it's easy to get an immediate feel for the fretboard.

The Fishman Classic 4 transducer does not let the guitar down when plugged in. Even though I first tested it on a little 10 watt Ibanez acoustic amp, the tones were true and very lively. The graphic equaliser works very well when playing through different amps and altering playing style, and gives enough variation and compensation for just about anyone's needs. I tried to make it boom and feed back, but I found it almost impossible where much more expensive guitars have annoyingly done so without trying.

I'm going to love playing this guitar, and I would recommend this model to any serious amateur or professional musician without reservation at the full retail price. In other words, my bargain purchase is not flavouring my perceptions of what is a quality instrument.

Ian J Cowan from Washington, UK on the G630CE

I absolutely adore my Walden. I have recently bought a G630CE and without doubt, it is my favourite acoustic.

I have been playing for 30 years, during that time I have horse traded so many guitars I can't count them all. In the late 90's with a new job and starting a family - my music went into the closet. Now my daughter does not need so much attention lavished on her - I have in the past two years got back into playing guitar again.

I have too many strats, 335's and some home brew guitars. I wanted a nice classy acoustic, but just could not find what I was looking for - until I found Walden. The balance of sound is just perfect, the resonance is to die for. The intonation as supplied was perfect and makes the harmonics just ring. I play all sorts of genres and have used this from classical pieces, through jazz and blues, to rock and experimental.

Thank you Walden for producing my most prized guitar - a guitar that will get even better over time. This one will stay with me forever, it's a keeper and a joy to play.

Listen to Ian playing the theme from Twin Peaks on his G630CE.

Steve Bottcher on the G630CE

It took me four years to find my true love (a Gretsch Sierra Jumbo with the Fishman "prefix") but your G630CE beat it out....I've owned Martins, Epiphones, a Gibson, a Guild, a Blueridge, Jay Tursers, Washburns and many others within the $500 to $800 range. I purchased the Walden for less money and it's better than any of these.

Charlie A. from Thunder Bay, Ontario on the G740CE and G630CE

Bought a G740CE last Fall and like it so well that I just bought a G630CE for open G tuning and slide. After playing dreadnoughts for many years I find the G-body more comfortable and with a better-balanced sound than most larger guitars.


Dario V. from Rome, Italy on the G640

Ho una Walden G640, il suono é veramente ottimo anche le finiture sono molto curate. Sono soddisfatto, il rapporto qualitá/prezzo é eccellente la consiglio a tutti.

[English translation: I have a Walden G640, the sound is really excellent and the finish is also a real treat. I am satisfied, the relationship of quality/price is excellent and I recommend it to all.]

Ivan Roglic and his D670


Ivan Roglic from Skopje, Macedonia on the D670

I have had my Walden Natura D670 for six months now. I'm no less impressed with the quality of manufacture, design and sound of this guitar. In the buying process I tried a lot of other brands and types of guitars but nothing can compare to what I got from this one. It feels great. The action is absolutely wonderful and requires minimal effort. The sound is bright and rich giving you the ultimate pleasure and performance. All in all, I think I'll buy another one. Maybe the G630CE.


Cliff Sullins on the G730

Cliff Sullins and his G730

When I recorded "Rest Now (Reprise)" I was stunned at how the guitar recorded so effortlessly. By that I mean there was little EQ used and Reverb was only for flavor. The guitar is now 5 months in my possession. It has gotten better and better and there is a personality that comes out of this instrument that just makes me smile.

You know that Walden is the first choice of mine when recommending a guitar. So now that you have heard the guitar recorded do you agree with what I hear?

It must make you smile to know how many people love these instruments. I sure do. I think I sold another one tonight... A guy who is coming to my studio for a recording project played it and FELL IN LOVE ! I told him to go to Play It Again Music in Ann Arbor, Mi and buy himself one. He seemed pretty interested. He asked if he could use mine in the studio if needs be. I said of course.

So now I am getting a G570... Tho I am awfully tempted by the O550.... We'll have to see. Anyway thanks again for these fine instruments... I am a fan for life. I have a pretty big stable of guitars but I will buy more Waldens and sell others I don't like as much. Here is why... This is my Walden with a student's new G570 and is she ever happy! She wants me to record with it so my next unheard of "greatest hit" will be with hers and mine Gs.

Listen to Cliff playing "Rest Now (Reprise)" on his G730.


Charlie A. from Thunder Bay, Ontario on the G740CE and G630CE

Bought a G740CE last Fall and like it so well that I just bought a G630CE for open G tuning and slide. After playing dreadnoughts for many years I find the G-body more comfortable and with a better-balanced sound than most larger guitars.

Derek R. on the G740CE

I've owned Martin guitars in the past and tried many guitars before making my most recent purchase (Martin, Taylor, Alvarz, Breedlove, Atlas, Takamine) and have to say that I'm really impressed by the playability, sound and value of your guitars. Thanks for making such a guitar available for those of us that don't have thousands of dollars to spend, but still want a good sound.


Paolo from Torino, Italy on the T550

Just unpacked my Walden travel guitar. I'm speechless, it sounds great first and most importantly. It's beautiful, it was in tune out of the box, the gigbag is great and there is a humidifier!!!! I can't believe it, how do you do it? My baby Taylor sounds like a toy compared to the Walden. I have to work in Switzerland unfortunately even though I live in Torino, Italy, but you guys just gave me some help to get up in the morning and go through my work days knowing that when I get home I have a real guitar to play even though all my axes are back in Torino.


Anna (11 years old) busking in Newquay, Cornwall and Truro, Cornwall (U.K.) on the T550CE

Anna on her T550CE