USA Distribution Change for Walden Guitars

AUSTIN, TX – April 1, 2010 – KHS America and American Music and Sound have announced that beginning July 1st there will be a change in the distribution for Walden Guitars in the USA. At that time, KHS America will begin distribution of Walden Guitars from their new Nashville climate-controlled warehouse. Walden Guitar representatives and dealers will benefit from the same award-winning customer service and quality control as Jupiter band instruments, Mapex drums, Majestic percussion and Altus professional flutes.

“As an owner of multiple brands, with a highly successful distribution system already in place, it makes good business sense for KHS America to bring Walden Guitars under their own roof,” commented Chris Griffiths, Vice President of Musical Instruments for American Music and Sound.  “We’ve been honored to represent them and work closely with them over the past seven years.”

Leading up to July 1st , KHS America, AM&S and the sales reps will work closely to ensure a seamless transition. All sales representatives who have supported Walden at AM&S have been invited to stay on under KHS America’s leadership. 

“American Music and Sound has been a great partner during the launch and growth of Walden Guitars in the USA,” said President of KHS America, Tabor Stamper. “As they expand and make acquisitions, and we grow our own brands and divisions within the USA, it is a mutually beneficial time to make this type of change.”

KHS America is a wholly owned subsidiary of KHS Musical Instruments, the makers of Jupiter wind instruments, Mapex drums, Majestic concert percussion, Walden guitars, and professional level Altus flutes crafted in Japan. For more information, contact or visit these websites:,,,, and