Walden PointFive
half-pint size. full-size quality. instant inspiration.

(June 2009) Walden Guitars is pleased to add two half-size, solid top guitars to its Concorda line: the “PointFive” steel-string CF550-P5 and the “PointFive” classical CN570-P5.

The PointFive’s 21.5” / 547mm scale and body dimensions are within the range of measurements detailed by the European Guitar Teachers Association for 1/2 sized instruments. Instruments designed to fit comfortably in a child’s embrace should not be cheap, poorly-made toys. There are parents that genuinely want their child to learn how to play guitar and for this you need the PointFive -- a quality instrument that is not an impediment to learning.

Benefiting from a solid spruce top with bracing optimized for this smaller guitar, the PointFive may be the best sounding portable instruments ever played. With its unique voice, elegant design, and remarkable tone, the PointFive may also be the first half-sized guitars to prove themselves... even in the hands of “full sized” players.