0550 and T550
T550 and O550

New Waldens for 2008!

(January 2008) Walden is introducing 5 new steel-string guitars for 2008: O550, O550CE, T550, T550CE and D550TB.

The Orchestra Model body shape has gained popularity in the past number of years and Walden has received many inquiries and requests for this body shape. With a shape that is smaller than Walden’s G body shape, the O body is highly popular amongst finger-stylists and female guitar players. It retains volume and complexity by not being too small, with a 25.6” (650mm) scale ensuring enough string energy to power the soundboard. The O body’s shallower side depth further contributes to its focused voice without the boom of its larger bodied cousins. Many people find the shallower depth to be easier to play, particularly among younger players and women. Our “O” body guitar is accented by Walden family features such as its tapered bridge and headstock. Micro-dot fingerboard position markers and a reduced size pick-guard finish the instrument adding a charming intimacy to this guitar’s appearance.


Walden Guitars is introducing two models in the O body shape within the Natura 500 line: a O550 and an O550CE (a cutaway-acoustic with Fishman CL4 on-board electronics).

The Travel guitar body shape is a 7/8 sized guitar with a 24.2” (615mm) scale length. Not your average travel guitar, the Walden T body shape is similar to a parlor guitar with a slightly wider lower bout. Braced appropriately for its shape, the T produces surprising volume and has a focused voice making it particularly pleasing as a solo-lead instrument. Its short scale results in a lower string tension that adds to its easy playability. Micro dot fingerboard position markers and a smaller Walden family pick-guard complete this little charmer’s attractive presentation. Being easy to pack in a gig bag and toss in your car or take on the plane, many musicians will likely find a wonderful little partner in a Walden T.

The T body is available in two Natura 500 models: T550 and T550CE.

In response to requests following the from the widely succesful Natura G570TB, Walden is adding a Dreadnought version of this instrument, the D550TB. Like other Natura 550 models this instrument will feature a solid spruce soundboard and is finished with the Tobacco-Burst finish pattern used on the Natura G570TB.