Concorda Line

500 Series | 600 Series | 2000 Series

A full lineup of gloss finished solid Cedar soundboard models with the quality, voice, and playability for which Walden is known.


Standard Line

300 Series

The perfect beginning for a player who wishes to start their musical journey with a quality instrument.


Natura Line

500 Series | 600 Series | 700 Series

Only solid spruce and cedar soundboards are used on a Natura guitar because the tone of a solid top improves as the the natural wood fibers resonate and respond to your musical style.


SupraNatura Line

2000 Series

SupraNaturas are detailed with all-wood binding and trim, wood inlaid rosettes and wood bridges. Bone saddles and bone nuts contribute to exceptional depth, sustain and complexity.


Madera Line

4000 Series

The all-solid wood Madera line is built with 100% certified FSC-Pure traditional guitar tonewoods. Sustainable. Ethical. Certified.