Artist: Dave Warren

For the last two years I have really began to concentrate on my acoustic guitar playing recording my first solo E.P in 2009. I'd been trying lots of different guitars searching for the that gem that would help me take my playing to the next level and recently came across the Walden range. I was immediately hooked on the faultless finish and build quality of the Waldens and so I had to look further and see what else they had to offer, I tried the G2070 (Cedar/Mahogany) and I new almost straight away that I had found what I had been searching for. The guitar has an amazing crisp and precise top end, yet has awesome bass tones and nicely rounded mids, an ideal sound for my style, that coupled with a very responsive design and a superbly ergonomic neck profile makes this the best guitar I have played since I began some 15 years ago. I never thought I would find these attributes in an instrument so reasonably priced, I only wish I had came across them sooner! Every guitarist from novice to serious pro would benefit from having a Walden in there arsenal, I will definatley be looking for my next Walden very soon!

Dave Warren has been playing the guitar for 14 years to date. He started at the age of 16 and quickly progressed due to his almost non-stop practicing that often went late into the night, even if it meant using an un-amplified electric guitar to avoid disturbing the household. His first love was the electric guitar and he quickly found influence in the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. After only two years of playing in smaller bands Dave joined Curious Potion, a well known U.K show band and travelled the country, playing covers up to three nights a week from Inverness to Southampton. He played with Curious Potion for just over three years and grew a reputation for becoming a solid lead guitarist very quickly. In 2001 Dave split from the group to persue other ventures.

In 2008 Dave saw a video on you of Andy Mckee playing his famous song Drifting, and Dave immediatley found a new influence in his playing. He purchased a new acoustic guitar and began to create instrumental pieces of his own and at the end of the year visited Born in a Barn studios in Ansty to record his first E.P, The African. Quickly after that he rekindled his love for live music and started to play in and around Coventry on a regular basis, showcasing his new found style with his original pieces and covers from the likes of Andy Mckee, and alternative versions of Katy Perry, Cold play, Ray Lamontagne and his recent Version of Poppiholla where he utilizes a Boss DD-7 effects unit to layer a finshed track including percussion and bass played all on his acoustic guitar.

In 2010 Dave signed with Publishing company Voodoo Toddler Music / Sunshine Hq Ltd with the view to distributing his music on a grander scale. He also became an endorsee of Walden guitars and with the advice from Jon Lee and Philip Smith at FCN Music, chose the G2070 from the Supranatura range. " The G2070 is a change from the norm for me, I've always gone for the Spruce/Rosewood combination but I have to say this particular model has such a precise and clear tone with awesome base which will make it a formidable stage tool for me, I can you use it for softer delicate pieces as it responds to the lightest touch, or I can lift the bass and generate some real interesting sounds  similar to those of Eric Roche and his cover of Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I am so impressed I can say now that I will definately be trying another Walden."