Artist: Daniel Wagner

“As I first held my Walden I couldn´t believe that such great sound, powerful design and excellent workmanship can be packed in such a small price. My Walden G3030CEQ is a top instrument that I don´t want to miss anymore, neither on stage nor in the studio. Unamplified and picked up with a large-scaled condenser microphone it combines a woody warm sound with a strong authority through its balanced mids, that make it distinctive even on the most glaring Rock-production. The same live: with its premium Fishman pickup the characteristic Walden sound is perfectly transfused and amplified, with amazing precision and very detailed tone that gives you the impression of having your ear in the sound hole and without any feedback even with full volume. And you should really take it to the next campfire. It is still easily playable after the second bottle of whiskey and the robust construction and well workmanship bears one or another flying crown cap. Thank you Walden for this instrument!”

Daniel is front man and guitarist for 4Backwoods. But only their name sounds backwoods. The band found its way up on stages all over Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the British Islands due to the distinctive voice, the several voice choruses, the certain intuition for killer hooks  and the artful used voice box and the achieved recognition value. The guys combine pressure, light heartedness and tight riffing and the result is the long play-debut “The Dream I Live In”, fully packed with street hits and catchy tunes you can´t elude.

Live: Till today the 4Backwoods supported Motör Head, System Of A Down, HIM, The Cardigans, Therapy?, Reamonn, Farin Urlaub, Beatsteaks, Die Happy and many more. The 4Backwoods played at Rock am Ring, Area 4 (formerly Teremoto/ Bizarre), Rheinkultur, Taubertal-festival, Open-Flair-Festival and the European Bike Week

Press, Radio and TV: Besides numerous articles in the daily press the 4Backwoods have been featured by RockHard, Gitarre & Bass and Soundcheck. They got into the rotation on radio stations like Antenne Bayern and WDR Einslive, which elected “The Dream I Live In” to cult album of the week. In December 2000 NBC GIGA presented the band and in May 2007 N24 showed a documentary about 4Backwoods. 4Backwoods-songs are background music for several skate and surf films of Tonix Video Productions and to the song “Crawlers” (title song of the German film “Bloodbound”) has now its own video which is in the rotation of I-Music 1 and on the internet platforms Streetclip TV, Petn TV and E.Clips.

Discography: Besides the album “The Dream I Live In” and the so called single 4Backwoods-songs are on different samplers such as Hitpack, Boardernoise Vol. 2 (with Son Goku, Tocotronic and Pro Pain) and Sounds for Nature (with Such A Surge, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Fettes Brot und Seeed).