Artist: Billy Voight

"I've never received an acoustic that played and sounded perfect straight out of the box, that is until I got my Walden!" My Walden D710CE looks, sounds and plays great! I've really put this guitar to work for all of my studio, live, and writing projects. So far it's held up to my demanding standards. Two things I really want to point out are the low action without fret buzz and how well it holds tune."

At age 7, Billy Voight received his first guitar for Christmas, a 3/4 scale nylon string acoustic and hasn't set down a six-string guitar for any long period of time since. "My parents signed me up for guitar lessons shortly after I got my first guitar, I studied basic sight-reading, technique and chords, but it wasn't until my teacher started showing me how to play along with songs I'd hear on the radio that my love for the instrument really clicked." After that Billy became hooked on learning any music he could get his hands on. "I remember when I picked up a copy of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood album at a local CD shop, Stevie's guitar playing just jumped right out of the stereo speakers, like nothing I heard before. Soon after that I really got into artists like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Phish, Steely Dan and Django Reinhardt...those guys are my idols!"

Once Billy turned 16, he started playing out. "I'd take any gig I could get— I mean I was playing everywhere from church, awkward jazz ensembles, garage rock and metal bands to late night blues jams at dive bars. I've had the privilege to play all over the world, from the legendary punk rock venue CBGBs in NYC to the quiet Swiss Alps in Switzerland."

Currently Billy, who is 22, is in the studio with the band 39 Goodbyes out of Easton, PA. Billy used his D710CE, to record the acoustic tracks and was very satisfied with the results. "We took the route most bands are taking by recording tracks at home in a comfortable atmosphere and then mixing them at a pro studio. We were mixing one of my Walden tracks and really cranked it, in the background you could hear crickets...we decided to leave the ambient distractions in since the tone of the guitar was perfect for what the song needed." Billy also uses the guitar out live and has no complaints. "My Walden seems to travel really well. I've never had to adjust the neck due to climate changes. I also like how I can crank it through stage monitors and not run into feedback problems."