Artist: Sonja Ullmer

"I play a Walden SupraNatura N2030. This one is just ingenious and easily playable with it´s smallish distance between the strings and fingerboard. Barrés work is trouble-free, something that can be a decisive factor for beginners and really recommends buying a Walden guitar. And you get an unbeatable value for a commendable price."

After piano and guitar lessons Sonja Ullmer started lessons with a really great singing teacher, with whom she learned technical singing as well as caringly motivating students. Besides singing there was a lot of laughing, praising and improving techniques with figurative explanations all the time. Here Sonja got to know the fun and pleasure of learning. And as she decided to be a guitar teacher herself she wanted to perform lessons exactly like these, with fun, praising and cheering, with love and respect.

In her approach to lessons, Sonja Ullmer follows Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, director at the psychiatric university hospital Ulm, who says that the brain can do no other than learn; that’s it´s greatest pleasure. But only if you don´t put it in a coma or put it under too much pressure. He explains: “If you start playing the violin before your 11th birthday and try really hard, your brain will apply a larger area for your left hand, 3 or 4 centimeters. It´s proven with lots of violinists and guitar players” (

Sonja uses this approach to teach students from 5 years up to 86 year old blind ladies, and it works. It´s not about perfection. It´s just about fun while playing and making music. All that matters is enthusiasm for your instrument and fun with making music. The guitar should be your all time companion. Learning to play the guitar is finally for everybody! Appropriately Sonja Ullmer's motto is: Just for Fun!