Artist: Pasquale Talarico

"Walden delivers! Whether on stage with my band or acoustic in a church, this guitar answers the call. Great tone, and a fantastic feel. I don’t leave home without her!”

Pasquale plays a CG4070ETB-CERT and G730CE.

"Simple Man"

Pasquale Talarico is a passionate man of faith, an inspirational singer songwriter with a grand heart for God’s Word through music. He has been a driving force working with teens and young adults in Southern California, sharing his personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone in his ministry.

Pasquale has served the church community for over nineteen years as a youth minister, musician and currently the Director of Campus Ministry at Servite High School in Anaheim, California. In 2005, he began writing music for worship to address the needs of the young church. It was this motivation as well as the desire to continue his thriving career as a regional Contemporary Christian Music sensation, that led Pasquale to travel to Nashville, Tennessee in 2011 and recorded his dynamic and compelling debut EP, with a simple declaration to the world that God is My Everything. “My Everything shares intimate details about my faith journey,” says Pasquale, a self professed “man of faith always wanting more. I recognize that I am a broken man, yet with God's grace I am able to keep going”. “These songs,” he adds, “are my authentic way to share my relationship with God. There is love, pain, sadness, and joy in each of them. I hope when people listen to them, they feel a connection. If one of the songs speaks to them, helps them with their journey, in the end, that is the greatest compliment a songwriter can get”.

Pasquale has been active and well known in the youth ministry scene in Southern California for nineteen years and has performed at hundreds of church and conference shows for thousands of people mostly in California but with stops along the way in Chicago and New York. In the last year, Pasquale has enjoyed immense success and has become a highly sought after worship leader and speaker around the nation with multiple bookings not only in California, but also in Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Alaska.

Many of Pasquale’s longtime fans are fascinated when they learn about his unique musical background, as bass player for the renowned Orange County, California based pop punk band Supernovice. Pasquale’s powerful transition from secular rocker to budding CCM star began when he helped bring contemporary, rock-driven praise and worship music into the Catholic church he served in Southern California. Pasquale could have taken a different route and continued great success in the secular world, however God called Pasquale to make music that inspires. “My faith journey has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I recognize that I am a broken man, yet with God's grace I am able to keep going. I think God gives us so many blessings and that often they get lost in the mix of daily life. We find ourselves so busy with our smart phones, laptops, and iPads that we often overlook the blessings that God surrounds us with each and every day. I think a lot of people struggle to see God in the world. Many of us are just too busy to see the simple things that show us all how much God IS in the world."

Speaking further about his evolution from secular pop musician to a Christian artist who sees his music as a part of his life’s ministry, Pasquale adds, “My younger days were those of a punk rock bassist looking for life’s biggest party. As I’ve gotten older, I have found the biggest party is something much bigger than me. I thank God for the gifts I have been given, and hope that with the release of My Everything, my music will make more people than ever dance, sing and want to praise God.”

With Pasquale’s background in Youth Ministry, he feels “at home” with hosting conferences and giving keynote addresses. “I have the greatest job in the world!” declares Pasquale. “Not only do I get to do what I am passionate about, but I am able to serve God and His Holy Church.” Pasquale is gearing up to record his second album with respected CCM artists, Shane and Shane. “I am so blessed. God continues to allow so many amazing things into my life and for that, I am grateful.”

Pasquale is married to his wife Maurissa. They have two daughters, Gianna Kathleen and Claire Marie and they live in Orange County, California.