Artist: Michael Shelton

Michael's music has been described as "an emotional, insightfully driven diversion of acousti-pop themes mixed with modern rock and jazz and a dash of blues." Michael plays a G3030CE.

Song of the Lonely

"As a predominantly acoustic artist, I was searching for "the sound" – that tone that is searched for by every artist, yet remains a longing; three degrees short of reality.

"After years of searching, I found a guitar that has caused my journey to come to an end – the Walden 3030CE.

"There is a depth and personality to my Walden that is unlike any other guitar that I have ever played.  The amazing sonic soundscape inherent to the craftsmanship of the 3030CE brings to mind the delicate sonic nuances savored by Taylor players while offering the clarity and stability that Martin fans will appreciate.  In addition, the warmth and rich characteristics of the Western Red Cedar top, combined with the amazing resonant qualities of the Indian Rosewood back offer unparalleled diversity and flexibility for nearly every playing style and nearly every environment in which I have performed.

"In short, my 3030CE has been a warrior on the road, and has been my most valued asset and friend in the studio."