Artist: Jean-François Rossi

"The Walden guitar I play, the G3030CEQ, is truly an amazing instrument. I don't need to speak of its beauty, which should be obvious to everyone. Its sound is so pure and well balanced. Its extreme playability makes the Walden G3030CEQ the guitar everyone has ever dreamed of. Whether unplugged or plugged (thanks to the Fishman Ellipse Blend system), this guitar is a pure wonder and I wish that everybody could someday experience the great feeling of playing such an instrument. And last, but surely not least, it is really affordable. So many thanks to the whole Walden crew, especially Jon, for making guitar players' dreams come true. I mean it."

Jean-François plays a G3030CEQ.

Made in Swing

Jean-François decided to become a guitar player while he was studying philosophy at Paris University. He started practicing classical guitar, while also playing in rock and pop groups. Later, he switched to jazz and studied writing, arranging and composing. Then for many years Jean-François toured, backed famous French singers, recorded a lot of sessions, and performed on TV shows. Always featured as sideman, he recently recorded a duet CD with the amazing accordionist Jérôme Richard. Jean-François is a versatile player, switching from finger style to flat picking, always searching for unusual voicings and reharmonizations. He favours many styles and refuses to stick to only one. He enjoys learning and feels like he will always be a student.