Artist Reviews


D1030 by Markus Rill

To play my Walden D1030 is pure pleasure time after time. I like the balanced, dynamic sound when strumming my guitar.

Markus Rill


G1070 by Erki Pärnoja

Music can make you burn like the sun and give you the force of storms. Music can enrich you and help you on the journey towards becoming a greater person. My guitar and me, like painter and brush, we accompany each other on this very journey.

Erki Pärnoja


G1070CE by Sean Harkness

The choice of materials, the structural approach (thin top, substantial yet easily playable neck, etc), and the fit-and-finish all contribute to a very good sounding and very playable guitar.

Sean Harkness

G1070CEQ by Scott Bravo

Sweet highs, gentle mids, and basses that are full without being boomy. The neck is perfect for my hands and fast runs are smooth all the way up and down the neck.

Scott Bravo

G1070CEQ by Paolo Gianolio

The guys at Walden have spent a lot of time in developing a great sounding instrument. With perfect tuning stability and a superb feeling, it is able to capture the attention of both the player and the audience!.

Paolo Gianolio

G1070CEQ and D1030 by Maite Kelley

Walden Guitar has helped me compose and express the true me; Walden Guitar enables me more freedom; Walden Guitar makes it easy to play, compose and be free.

Maite Kelley

G1070CEQ by Nadine Kraemer

The Walden lies very well in the hand and is easily playable. It convinces with its warm sound and I very much like the simple design. A really beautiful guitar that perfectly fits my music with its true sound.

Nadine Kraemer

G1070CEQ by Kerry Marshall

I feel like I've finally found the perfect guitar…One that makes me fall in love with making music all over again. The tones that strum from it, not only sings to me, but to others that listen as I play. It moves me, it evokes emotion as If I'm speaking directly to my audience.

Nadine Kraemer

G2070, G1070, G570 and N550CE by Michael Mucklow

I love the quick response to finger picking - the sound springs off the top in such a lively manner...there seems to be a natural compression in these guitars.

Michael Mucklow

G2070 by Dave Warren

The guitar has an amazing crisp and precise top end, yet has awesome bass tones and nicely rounded mids, an ideal sound for my style, that coupled with a very responsive design and a superbly ergonomic neck profile makes this the best guitar I have played since I began some 15 years ago.

Dave Warren

G3000 by Polly Money

The tone of my Walden seems to get better the more I play it. It resonates beautifully especially when fingerpicking. It is an awesome guitar all round.

Polly Money

G3000 by Andreas Oberholz

I love to use my Walden in my project studio for extreme strumming. It also performs very well when playing pop ballads with a pick. It’s an all-rounder which inspires me to try new things.

Andreas Oberholz

G3030CE by Jimmy Golding

My Walden guitar has worked really well for me in the studio and on all my recent UK and international gigs and events. It's a great, solid, gigging guitar.

Jimmy Golding

G3030CE by Michael Shelton

There is a depth and personality to my Walden that is unlike any other guitar that I have ever played.

Michael Shelton

G3030CE by Laura Thompson

The Walden G3030CE is a beautifully made, beautiful looking guitar. I bought it because it simply outclasses other guitars in a similar price range.

Laura Thompson

G3030CEQ by Alwyn Aurisch

Walden has provided me with that pleasant surprise that not only provides me with a great stage instrument but one which also gives me that additional choice in the studio.

Alwyn Aurisch

G3030CEQ by Tobi Born

Plugged on stage, with microphones in the studio or totally unplugged: it´s natural warm sound with strumming, the sparkling brilliance with fingerpicking and the dynamic sustain in playing solo inspire me time and time again.

Tobi Born

G3030CEQ by Joe Brooks

I like it's raw tone a lot, bright and powerful and yet finger picks beautifully.

Joe Brooks

G3030CEQ by Josh Bunce

This guitar is truly a pleasure to play and works fantastically both live and in the studio. It is leagues above other guitars at this price and proves that Walden are continuing to set a very high standard for mid- range instruments.

Josh Bunce

G3030CEQ by Colton Davy

This guitar has such a deep and smooth tone all the way up and down the board and sounds amazing playing live shows.

Colton Davy

G3030CEQ by Glen Dickerson

"'Silky smooth' the look, feel, and most importantly the way it plays. The satin finish and wood inlay portray a high quality instrument with understated elegance, classy without flash. Playability is superb. I love how a single note sustains with ambient sound as if there were an internal reverb chamber in the guitar.

Glen Dickerson

G3030CEQ by Dizzy G Gillespie

I have got to say it has to be one of the best acoustic guitars I have played in many years. It felt like an “old” guitar from the moment I picked it up and started playing (that's a good thing I hope you know)! 

Dizzy G Gillespie

G3030CEQ by Rex Goh

The Walden SupraNatura G3030CEQ is a fantastic finger-style guitar that has warm, mellow tones that provide me with that subtle variety, whether I am on the stage or in the studio.

Dizzy G Gillespie

G3030CEQ by Michelle Lewis

Its extended highs and lows give me a nice, full sound, and its tone cradles my voice perfectly.

Michelle Lewis

G3030CEQ by Jean-François Rossi

Its extreme playability makes the Walden G3030CEQ the guitar everyone has ever dreamed of.

Jean-Francois Rossi

G3030CEQ by Doug Stone

The guitar is great to play and I really like the feel on stage. Superior instrument.

Doug Stone

G3030CEQ by Daniel Wagner

My Walden G3030CEQ is a top instrument that I don´t want to miss anymore, neither on stage nor in the studio.

Daniel Wagner

N2030, N550CE and G3000 by Tobias Meinen

My Walden guitars are in constant use, live and in the studio. They sound great, are easily playable and do really amuse.

Tobias Meinen

N2030 by Sonja Ullmer

I play a Walden SupraNatura N2030. This one is just ingenious and easily playable with it´s smallish distance between the strings and fingerboard.

Sonja Ullmer