Artist Reviews


N550CE by Tom Gamble

These guitars are an exceptional value for the money. As a performer I need to know that I can plug and go with the reassurance that it's going to sound great - these guitars deliver the goods. I'd recommend them to anyone from beginner to professional.

Tom Gamble


G2070, G1070, G570 and N550CE by Michael Mucklow

I love the quick response to finger picking - the sound springs off the top in such a lively manner...there seems to be a natural compression in these guitars.

Michael Mucklow

N2030, N550CE and G3000 by Tobias Meinen

My Walden guitars are in constant use, live and in the studio. They sound great, are easily playable and do really amuse.

Tobias Meinen

N2030 by Sonja Ullmer

I play a Walden SupraNatura N2030. This one is just ingenious and easily playable with it´s smallish distance between the strings and fingerboard.

Sonja Ullmer

N2030 by Adam Wakeman

The N2030 I'm using in the studio at the moment sounds truly superb. If a guitar sounds this good before you mic it, the end result will be  remarkable. 

Sonja Ullmer