Artist Reviews


D555CE by Eddie V. Garcia

This is truly a magnificent piece of art and I cannot wait to start writing more songs with this awe-inspiring guitar.

Eddie V. Garcia

D560 by Josh Bunce

I will be very surprised if I ever find a guitar at the same price that even comes close to comparing with this Walden.

Josh Bunce

D710CE by Billy Voight

I've never received an acoustic that played and sounded perfect straight out of the box, that is until I got my Walden!

Billy Voight

G570TB by Joshua Dougan

Thanks to Walden for making a killer guitar, in today’s world of over priced driftwood.

Joshua Dougan

G570TB by Sam Broussard

The Walden plays great, sounds great, and was hardly the most expensive link in the chain.

Sam Broussard

G630CE by Tim Renton

It is absolutely beautiful, so easy to play, very light yet with a very precise sound and good balance between bass and top notes.

Tim Renton

G730CE by Jeremy Willet

My new Walden guitar delivers a rich, warm tone which turns any concert venue into a living room with a small fireplace, blanket and hot cup of coffee.

Jeremy Willet

G740CE and D550CE by Ilja Harjes

With its comfortable playability and rich sound range from fine, warm brilliance up to powerful dynamics full of spirit, this guitar easily outpaces its competitors.

Ilja Harjes

G740CE by Bobby Messano

It is the most comfortable and playable performance acoustic guitar I have ever owned. Blows away the other acoustic guitar I've been using for the last ten years!

Bobby Messano

G740CE by Nastia Poleva

I recommend the Walden G740CE to musicians who are not pursuing "pathos", and prefer to get an inexpensive guitar that provides a professional level of sound.

Nastia Poleva

G740CE by Emmanuel Vergeade

Well balanced, warm tones, precise intonation, and the utmost playability makes the Walden G740CE a must for every player, whether a beginner, an intermediate or a serious, confirmed pro guitarist.

Emmanuel Vergeade

G740CE by Justin Willet

Walden is a versatile guitar appealing to various genres allowing for a variety of uses from one single guitar.

Justin Willet

O550 by Michael Mucklow

There's an "air" or "lightness" to the tone. I've just never been able to aptly define it with words. This guitar also has that quick response, "snappiness", off the soundboard that I've personally come to really like about Walden's.

Michael Mucklow

O550CE by Alwyn Aurisch

Walden has provided me with that pleasant surprise that not only provides me with a great stage instrument but one which also gives me that additional choice in the studio.

Alwyn Aurisch

O550CE by John Goldtrain

It is perfect for live sessions and sounds exactly the way I wished for. The sound is sparkling, but also deep and warm.

John Goldtrain

T550 by Andres Roots

With a great acoustic sound for the studio and the more intimate venues, the T550 is also small-bodied enough to avoid feedback issues when equipped with a pick-up and plugged in for the big stage. It is reliable, versatile and has a tone entirely its own - just what I've been looking for.

Andres Roots

T550CE by Sally-Anne Whitten

I need an instrument that is comfortable, transportable and reliable.  I need to know I can pull a great sound at a moments notice.  That’s my Walden.

Sally-Anne Whitten