Artist: Nastia Poleva

Nastia Polvea is the lead vocalist, guitarist and writer/lyricist of the Russian band Nastia and is perhaps the most successful woman on the Russian domestic rock scene. Her songs have been included in the collections "The Legends of Russian Rock" (1997) and "The Encyclopedia of Russian Rock" (2004). S. Guriev of Moscow Beats writes, "Nastia Poleva is a lovely pearl of ex-Sverdlovsk Rock. The most stylish texts and the most qualitative arrangements which the female rock-vocals in Russia ever had." Nastia plays a G740CE.


My first thought when I took this guitar in my hands is how light! I looked at what it's made of — good grades of a wood. I wondered if there would be a long sustain at such weight and when I played it, it was quite good. The design is a fine example of an alloy of the modern and the classics! In general, it is very decent tool, especially considering the quality for price. I recommend the Walden G740CE to musicians who are not pursuing "pathos", and prefer to get an inexpensive guitar that provides a professional level of sound. (Translated from Russian.)