Artist: Erki Pärnoja

“Music can make you burn like the sun and give you the force of storms. Music can enrich you and help you on the journey towards becoming a greater person. My guitar and me, like painter and brush, we accompany each other on this very journey.”

Erki plays a G1070 installed with a LR Baggs M1A Soundhole Pickup.

Erki Parnoja was born in Parnu, a small town in Estonia, on the 24 of January 1984. Erki picked up the guitar at the age of 15, inspired by George Harrisson, Keith Richards and his uncle, who at that time was a touring punk-rock star in Estonia.

He studied in various music schools after finishing his high school studies, however he never graduated any music schools in his home country. The maximum duration of studies in a music school for him, as he learned later on, was 2 years. Fortunately a folk high school in southern Sweden (Skurup) had a two year program of studies in improviastional music, which he undertook and even succeeded in graduating. Erki was glad.

Since moving back to Estonia, Erki has been a free lance musician. For some yearshe has been the most wanted studio guitarist in the country, thanks to his newly learnt wisdom from Sweden and also from awards he earned, like “Young Jazz Talent of the Year 2007” or “Artist of the Year 2009” given out by Golden Record Estonia.

Currently people know him as a composer for film music, songwriter for Estonian singers, improvisator, guitarist in the top selling indie-folk group “Ewert and The Two Dragons” and guitarist and composer for the Estonian-Swedish-Danish post-rock-indie group “MaiNekk”.