Artist: Andreas Oberholz

“I’ve played a Walden SupraNatura G3000 for quite a while now. This steel string guitar is more than just worth its money! It enlightens the room with its open voice and is rich in harmonics. The Walden is comfortably to handle and easy to play. I love to use my Walden in my project studio for extreme strumming. It also performs very well when playing pop ballads with a pick. It’s an all-rounder which inspires me to try new things. My guitar students and I are enthusiastic about both the SupraNatura series as well as about the lower price ranges. If you think about getting a better guitar you should definitely think about getting a Walden. You’ll get a lot guitar for medium money!”

When he was a teenager, Andreas met the blessed guitar player Peter Finger and realized that was exactly what he wanted to do: play fingerstyle guitar! He did away with his traditional guitar playing which he used to practice on a nylon string guitar. The Tarrega posture had never felt comfortable for him. Later, he went to the Conservatory of Luxembourg to get to learn more about harmonics and for ear training. He made some of his own compositions and music turned into Andreas' profession.

Today, Andreas lives in Berlin, Germany, making his living as a guitar teacher and running his own recording studio, where he produces music. His goal is that develop his studio into a place where acoustic guitar players of all styles meet. Set apart from today’s time pressure and commercial interests, his studio is where music has a calm environment to be produced harmonically. The studio’s acoustic has been optimized for guitars because it was created specifically to record singer-songwriting pieces and many other styles of pure acoustic music. Andreas wants the studio to make enough money to finance itself. He tells us, "You won’t get rich by making music, but you'll be happy!”