Photo credit: Don Manion

Artist: Michael Mucklow

Natural instincts breathe through Michael's instrumental guitar stylings as an extension of his heart and soul. His polished melodic style is textured yet unobtrusive. Borderless, innovative and well crafted, his songs have their own beautifully defined essence. Mucklow is a guitarist that isn't afraid to be adventurous. Michael plays a G2070.

This song and other songs on Michael's new album "The View From Here" are performed on his G2070.

The first Walden I played was a G570 model. I was truly impressed! When I looked at the price I was even more impressed. I could hardly believe it! The price defied its great sound, great feel, and excellent craftsmanship. I thought to myself, "There's no way!"

I remember looking inside the guitar to see how it was built. I couldn't figure out why it sounded much nicer than what was then my main instrument, a hand-built acoustic. A few months later I purchased the G570. I have since purchased the G1070, G2070 and N550CE models. While I find it hard to set down any one of them, I do slightly favor the G2070, and that's the primary guitar I used on my latest recording, "The View From Here."

Vibrant is the word I use to describe the sound [of the Cedar/Mahogany wood combination] on the Walden models I've chosen. I love the quick response to finger picking - the sound springs off the top in such a lively manner...there seems to be a natural compression in these guitars. I'm also quite pleased with the balance across the strings, which is a very important factor for me.

With regard to recording, the G2070 is excellent. For my latest CD, a solo acoustic Fingerstyle record, I used little to no EQ in mixing the tracks. Again, this is where the string balance proved itself out. The guitar recorded cleanly using a Rode NT1-A mic run through a Focusrite preamp. I have even begun recording strummed rhythm tracks for my next CD for which I've used an inexpensive mic and the results are great…I attribute this to the G2070. It simply sounds nice!

Countless times at live performances I've been asked, "What are you playing? It sounds great!" And this has been with each of the models I own. So I tell 'em. Most of the time I also let them play it. They're always as impressed as I was – and still am. Some have since purchased a Walden for themselves!