Alan Wakeman

Artist: Mono Inc.

“I love my black Walden Gothic Guitar‘cause soundwise it perfectly suits Mono Inc. on stage and in the studio. And the look – well, it is simply awesome! So after having it on tour with me for more than one year, what more can I can say than: I won’t go anywhere without it in the future!”

Martin Engler is the vocal and leader of the band Mono Inc.. Live and in the studio, he relies on Walden guitars.

Mono Inc. rose from the ashes of several band projects, the frustrations of being forced into unwelcome directions by major record labels and the fervent wish to make uncompromising music. It was made clear from the start that Mono Inc. would never sell their souls for a major record label deal and they decided to sign with the independent label NoCut. The Debut 'Head Under Water' was released in 2004 and was critically acclaimed as a new sound called ‘Monorock’. Two singles from the album made appearances in the most important German trend charts for rock, metal and gothic music such as DAC, MRC30 and Native25. The release was followed by extensive touring throughout Germany and Europe. 

The Hit-Single of this album (In My Heart) was the key for Mono Inc. to becoming a constant component of every Rock-DJ’s program and was changing the bands status of being an insiders’ tip into being resounded throughout the land. The 2nd half of the year 2007 the Band enjoyed their new born harmony on the road and played all over the country and entered the next level when their song 'Burn Me' was picked to become theme music of a new serial by a big German TV station. This serial started in September 2007 and still continues…  

Selling out arenas and 6th place in the German Alternative Charts are the current successes of the coming German band Mono Inc... Also for the upcoming Tour 2012 "After the War" is the ticket sales in full swing and early bird tickets are already sold out.

Martin is currently touring with his Walden Concorda Gothic guitar G570CETB-GOTHIC, a Grand Auditorium with cutaway and solid cedar top. The Walden Gothic is in black matt finish and decorated with Gothic symbol inlay, which fits perfectly into the Mono Inc. set design.

Support: UNZUCHT
10.02.2012  Kiel • Max
10.03.2012  Brunswick • Meier Music Hall
10.04.2012  Bremen • Modern
10.05.2012  Berlin • Huxley's new world
10.06.2012  Oberhausen • Turbine Hall
10.11.2012  Nuremberg Hirsch
10.12.2012  A-Vienna • Scene
10.13.2012  Dresden • Aunt Ju
10.19.2012  Kaiserslautern • Worsted
10.20.2012  CH-Pratteln Z7 •
10.21.2012  Frankfurt • Batschkapp