Artist: Nick Mendenhall

"After shopping for a few months for the right guitar, my search came to an end when I picked up the Walden G730. There is just something about the way this guitar plays that is better than any guitar I have ever owned. For my style of play, this is perfect. The tone is so crisp and well rounded with bright mids and highs and distinguishable low end that does not overpower the rest. The action and intonation are untouchable even by guitars that are three times the price. When I lead worship there is nothing else I would rather have in my hands than a Walden."

Nick Mendenhall is a worship leader in the Atlanta area. From the time he began playing the guitar at age 15, that has been his desire, to simply be a worshiper of God and for others to follow. Nick began leading worship shortly after he began playing and has continued to grow as a musician since that time.

Now, in addition to traditional and contemporary styles of worship music, Nick writes much of the music he plays. "Although our hearts will always be to worship and to lead other's in worship, we feel that we can do that in other venues. Worship is a matter of the heart, not the style of music you play and sing. We want to worship God in front of people that may have never seen that before."

Influences in Nick's music include jazz, blues and rock. Nick's style of play is very versatile and continues to grow and develop. From the Beatles to Jimmy Eat World and from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Louie Armstrong, Nick loves all types of music. His only regret is that he did not begin learning much about music until he was older. He hopes to soon obtain a masters degree in some area of music in the near future.