Artist: Tobias Meinen

"My Walden guitars (steel and nylon strings) are in constant use, live and in the studio. They sound great, are easily playable and do really amuse."

Tobias plays a N550CE, N2030 and G3000.

Tobias Meinen, born in 1970, studied music at the Academy for Contemporary Music in Zurichfrom 1993 to 1997, with Rätus Fliesch and Billy Cobham amongst his teachers. He now teaches at the Zurich University, and has longtime experience as music producer and studio musician in Rock, pop and Jazz for customers like Universal Music, WEA and others. Since 1988 he has played over 1000 concerts in Europe and Northern America . Tobias is active for 3Sat and arte as a composer and sound designer. In 2007 he founded his own classic label Waage & May.