Arthur Mc Gregor
Arthur playing "O Canada" at the Ottawa Folk Festival

Artist: Arthur Mc Gregor

My Walden guitar responds excellently both acoustically and using the Fishman Pickup system. The shape of the neck is slim and fast. The body size fits both my body and my ears. I like the balanced output: even bass through treble. The fit and finish are excellent. It's a pleasure to play.

Arthur playing "O Canada" on his G3030CE

Arthur McGregor is the owner and founder of the Ottawa Folklore Centre and is an experienced, versatile performer who has played on stage since he was 12 years old. Arthur is a member of the Celtic Rathskallions,  a versatile group whose goal is to bring Celtic-rooted music, song, dance, stories and culture to audiences of all ages. The Rathskallions were nominated for Children's Album of the Year by the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Arthur also leads community singing, writes songs about topical issues, and arranges unusual versions of national anthems. Every year, Arthur opens the Ottawa Folk Festival playing his ragtime version of O Canada.