Artist: Billy Lockett

"I like that you can switch between the raw live bright sound to the deep bass semi acoustic sound; the action on the guitar also makes it very comfortable to play."

Billy plays a CG3030CETB-IMIX

Iím Billy Lockett, 20 years old and originating from Northampton, England. Iíve been lucky enough to have two singles on BBC Radio 1 this year, a 14 date UK tour and I am currently writing and recording ahead of my debut album in 2013. My biggest musical achievement to date is the construction of Billy Lockett; getting the foundations in place, getting a great set, getting a manager, thatís what Iím really proud of. I love performing, whether it is on Youtube during my cellar sessions series or supporting big name artists around the country, the support from Walden allows me to fulfil my dream.