Artist: Maite Kelly

"Walden Guitar has helped me compose and express the true me;
Walden Guitar enables me more freedom;
Walden Guitar makes it easy to pray, compose and be free."

Maite plays a D1030 and a G1070CEQ.

Maite Kelly, born in 1979, is the 11th of the 12 children of the famous Kelly Family. Rooted like that she couldn´t do no other than becoming a musician herself. Influenced by her elder siblings, she started playing simple instruments and singing very early. In 1993 she released her first proper song “Say Na Na” on the Kelly Family album “WOW” and lots of albums with Maites songs followed.

In 2000, Maite moved to the USA, to claim a normal highschool exam away from the limelight life. After her return her own music and the music of the Kelly Family sounded more grown up and contemplative. Maite more and more attended to her belief and beneficial work. She joined a project in Togo, Africa and settled there for some time to help right at the place of interest. In 2007 Maite started to produce her first solo album and since then she is on tour with her own band.