Jakko Jakszyk

Artist: Jakko M Jakszyk

"My CG2000CEQ looks good, feels good and sounds great. It's a brilliant recording instrument and I've not touched my other acoustic guitars since I got it."

Jakko has been a professional musician for longer than he'd care to admit. Amongst his many projects, he is currently the guitar playing foil to the legendary King Crimson founder member, Robert Fripp. Their most recent album, "A Scarcity Of Miracles" was released last year to great critical acclaim and features the combined talents of Tony Levin, Gavin Harrison and Mel Collins.

Probably best known for his 4 year stint as lead guitarist in Level 42, Jakko has also played on 100's of albums, whose diversity ranges from big selling pop albums to the experimental avant garde. Among these his all acoustic band Dizrythmia, with bass playing legend Danny Thompson and a host of stella indian musicians.

Jakko was also briefly lead guitarist in the Kinks, the only musician ever to dep for Dave Davies, as will soon be evidenced by the release of 'The Kinks at the BBC' later this year.

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