Artist: Ilja Harjes

"As a professional actor, I rely on the impeccable functioning of all the things I work with on stage. For a recent theatre performance, my character was a guitar player and song writer. As actors, we needed to play and perform all the songs live. I needed an affordable and reliable steel string guitar that was easy to play and had a convincing sound —both amplified and purely acoustic. We ended up at Walden Guitars and finally decided to go for a Natura D550CE. This turned out to be the right decision and even surpassed all expectations. This guitar has a brilliant sound, full of character, and thanks to the Fishman EQ it is also absolutely steady and has a convincing sound when played electric. It is very easy to play and extremely dependable and is a pleasant companion on stage. The D550CE has flawlessly proven its professional maturity, despite its moderate price. Respect it!"

"For playing at home, I chose a Walden G740CE. With its comfortable playability and rich sound range from fine, warm brilliance up to powerful dynamics full of spirit, this guitar easily outpaces its competitors. Beside that, it captivates with beautiful shapes and its simple noble design."

Ilja Harjes graduated the University of Music and Drama Hannover and works for the Municipal Theatre Münster, Germany.