Artist: John Goldtrain

“I´ve chosen the Walden Orchestra O550CE. Her body is comfortably small, but anyhow it sounds warm and pressing. It is perfect for live sessions and sounds exactly the way I wished for. The sound is sparkling, but also deep and warm.”

When I Used To Be A Child

Anyone hearing the first recordings of John Goldtrain would never be able to guess the time and place the songs were written: 2008 in Cologne, Germany. John's music is timeless and if one had to try and place it, then perhaps it would be in the USA, a country where folksingers have been surrounding themselves with big rock bands since the 60s.

Someone who chooses such a name as John Goldtrain would not want to be associated with mere Indie-Bands. Such a musician would like to tour with Bob Dylan, record with Prince and in five years be able to live in a villa close to the one belonging to the Boss. All this should be possible because sweet ballads like ‘Curious’, anthems like ‘Used To Be A Child’ or a club-version-disguised-as-folk of the Hip-Hop classic “No Dignity” by Blackstreet belong in the American Top 10. Is this possible for a German musician to attain or is he better off starting small? Forget it: John Goldtrain presents himself on stage with a seven-piece band including two female background singers. He who aims high has to think big.

But who is this John Goldtrain? Okay, lets reveal the secret: Keshav Purushotham, well known as the singer from Timid Tiger, is a young man who lives in Cologne and who, thanks to his father (a professional percussionist), is also at home in the rest of the world. As a baby he used to crawl on stages and in dressing rooms in exotic countries. John Goldtrain’s music has little to do with the hip Britpop sound of Timid Tiger. Call it traditional if you must, but his music requires no current fad to be considered cool. This here is earthy sound, yet it sparkles; it has warmth and it has glamour.