Artist: Jimmy Golding

"My Walden guitar has worked really well for me in the studio and on all my recent UK and international gigs and events. It's a great, solid, gigging guitar."

Jimmy plays a G3030CE.

Jimmy Golding is a London based singer songwriter with English attitude delivering intimate songs with powerful melodies and a soaring voice.

Born in London, Jimmy grew up in the punk rock era on Chelsea’s Kings Road. Influenced from an early age with the rootsy poetic songs of Dylan and Neil Young and soundtracks of the psychedelic generation of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and The Doors, Jimmy played guitar, jamming ‘good’ with rock casualties and 60s stars popping in and out for sessions at his fashion designer parents home.

Enamoured by the swagger bluesy rock of the Rolling Stones, the artful David Bowie and the thundering sing-a-long rock and roll of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, Jimmy grew his hair into an atomic Jimi Hendrix mushroom cloud far longer than school proscribed.
By his teens Jimmy was tagging along with various original and covers bands, taking to the road and criss-crossing Europe. A degree in politics and philosophy may not have stood Jimmy in good stead for a career job, but he managed to use precious debating time at University crafting his musicianship in bands and becoming infamous in the art of playing guitar behind his back.

Back in London, Jimmy was trained to sing by Glyn Jones, the endorsed vocal teacher of Beatles producer George Martin. Following iconic ‘rubber vest’ wearing buzz performances on the live acoustic scene, he released, the album ‘Heart to Heart’ capturing his raw and intimate voice and song writing abilities. The quest to find the heart and soul of his own music led Jimmy to play the Rhythm and Blues cruises in the Caribbean playing and jamming with blues/jazz legends including Taj Mahal.

Back in the UK and with the 21st century approaching, Jimmy began promoting and organising entertainment at the prestigious Café De Paris in London, putting together swanky parties and live shows. Prince and Van Morrison were two of his star pulls. He also continued playing, performing alongside the likes of Doris Troy (Just One look/Dark Side of the Moon), Stray Cat - Slim Jim Phantom, natty tropical crooner Kid Creole and recent No1 70s flashback Leo Sayer. Other surreal moments include serenading British film legend John Hurt for his birthday treat and singing and playing ‘Bye Bye Baby’ on stage with Bay City Roller front man and former heart throb Les McKeown.

Never straying too far from his roots, Jimmy branched out to write, record and sing with ‘Happening’, the break-beat-punk outfit and extreme sports favourites on their album ‘The Opening of the Eyes’. He supported his childhood icon, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, performing at Hammersmith Apollo playing with Vivid (an Asian gothic and world dub orchestra). Jimmy also fronted rock band ‘Radar and the Bats’ writing and recording an album.

Now Jimmy’s soul really lies in his own songs and artistic presentation, the product of years of experience, and practice of living and persevering through life’s uncertainties to find meaning and beauty. ‘I want to pull at people’s heart strings and engage them to think positively about life and death on the creative journey through fear and darkness to love and hope’.