Artist: Dizzy G Gillespie

At the January NAMM Show I went to the Walden Booth and looked and played several guitars they had, from the low price models to the high price models.  Now, obviously the less expensive guitar did not have the same woods as some of the higher priced models,  but they were all built with the same craftsmanship and quality.  There are a lot of guitar company's out there that say they build quality and that they care about their guitars and their company (like I said, "They Say") Well, Walden Guitars really do what they say! They build quality guitars with affordable prices.

Today I received my Walden G3030CEQ Electric Acoustic Cutaway and, well.....I have got to say it has to be one of the best acoustic guitars I have played in many years. It felt like an “old” guitar from the moment I picked it up and started playing (that's a good thing I hope you know)! 

Now I play a lot of slide, and have found that most acoustics don't project well, but this one does. The sound is booming and the neck is fast.   I can't say enough about this guitar, and the company that stands behind it.  I can honestly say that anyone who plays guitar, whether professionally, or just for fun, will really dig theses guitars. From Blues - to Folk - to Rock (yes I said Rock) you will hear and see, the craftsmanship that is present in the construction of each of these guitars, so find a dealer and check one out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.  I have a hard time putting it down!   Very soon I will be posting a demo of the G3030CEQ so y'all can hear it, but till then find one and play it!!!

Dizzy playing "Texas Sunset" on his G3030CEQ

Guitar / Mandolin / Vocals
Genres: Blues /Blues Rock / Southern Rock
Label: Indie

In addition to writing, performing and recording his own music, Dizzy has worked with many musical legends including but not limited to: Bugs Henderson, Doyle Bramhall Sr., Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Kentucky Headhunters. He has also shared the stage with Ty Tabor (Kings X), Howard Leese (Heart), Seymour Duncan, Matt Smith, Jock Bartley (Heart), Kirby Kelley and Jim Shuler of Point Blank.

During Dizzy’s last European Tour, he was involved in a near fatal car accident. Having just performed an acoustic show at Plume D’Art in Lyon, France, while en-route to Venice, Italy, fate nearly ended his life (and his music). However, in true Texas style, his perseverance and determination enabled him to make a complete and successful recovery.

As a seasoned international musician, Dizzy has mastered both Blues and Rock genres, and this ability makes his performances exciting and memorable. Whether he is singing, playing the mandolin or executing a complicated guitar passage, Dizzy puts his entire heart and soul into his music with his incredible guitar riffs and his unique style of playing. 

Once you experience a live performance from Dizzy Gillespie, you will know, that in the great tradition of Texas gunslingers and guitarists, Dizzy G. Gillespie has proven worthy of his Texas roots.