Paolo Gianolio

Artist: Paolo Gianolio

This is a guitar with a strong character, perfect for playing chords and melodies. The guys at Walden have spent a lot of time in developing a great sounding instrument. With perfect tuning stability and a superb feeling, it is able to capture the attention of both the player and the audience!

The Walden Paolo Gianolio Signature is an acoustic guitar that I would and could really recommend to all of my guitar player colleagues!

Paolo on his G1070CEQ - Paolo Gianolio Signature

Paolo Gianolio started playing in 1966, influenced by bands and artists like the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, Santana, Hendrix, the Yardbirds, Blind Faith, Cream, Led Zeppelin and many others, and so that kind of "pop/rock flavor" is still present in his style.

In the following years, he was fascinated by jazz music and by artists like Reinhard, Coltrane, Davis, Hall, Pass, Mingus, Evans, Monk, Kessel and Christian. His attraction to jass was so strong that he really wanted to expand his knowledge in musical theory, so he started studying at the Parma's Jazz School, from 1974 to 1977. M. Filippo Daccó, his first mentor, was able to pass along his passion for swing-music and develop the real potential of young Paolo.

After, Paolo studied harmony, counterpoint and musical composition whit M. Nino Donzelli. From those days, Paolo spent much time in the studio and playing live in order to develop his "voice" -- his personal musical vision -- on the guitar.

He started an instrumental "chill-out" project with the band "Ante Rem" and he earned some success with songs like "Sacra Samba" , "Calumet" and "Color of Nature". After a very important musical experience as an arranger and composer for some of the songs on the LP "Glow of Love" with the band "Change" (Gold Album in the U.S.), he worked with all of the most important Italian singers: Mina, Morandi, Celentano, Rossi, Vanoni, BosË, Ramazzotti, Giorgia, Mannoia, Battiato, Oxa, Togni, Pausini, Zucchero and many others.

Next, he met Claudio Baglioni, an artist who deeply affected his musical inspiration. Together, they reached a perfect artistic symbiosis, sharing the same ideas and the same way to conceive music.

His last musical project is the CD "Pane e Nuvole", a good way of letting all of his musical influences and experiences flow together.