Colton Davy

Artist: Colton Davy

"WOW! What can I say. It is truly a Blessing to play this high quality work of art. The craftsmanship along with the fit and finish is fantastic! This guitar has such a deep and smooth tone all the way up and down the board and sounds amazing playing live shows. The neck is fast and fits my hand very well. The Fishman Ellipse Pro combines the flexibility of a mic or electronic pickup and allows you to blend and customize the sound to your liking…Way Cool!"

Colton plays a G3030CEQ.

My dad bought my mom a guitar for her birthday when I was 11 or 12. I picked it up and started to learn with her and the rest is history! I started playing in a band with our youth group in church at the age of 15 and we toured in and around Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. I played lead guitar and we all had a great time and did pretty well. The band fizzed out…life and jobs got in the way but Zara and I wanted to do more so we started out on our own. My mom and dad really encouraged and supported me so we did a showcase with BWAM (Band With A Mission) in Nashville TN. We were selected for our unique style and sound and were offered a development deal in October of 2008. In February 2009 we went back to Nashville to record our first EP (available now). Two months after we recorded the EP we were signed to Indevo Records even though the EP was not even released yet. I learned about the Walden brand from my Pastor at church and fell in love with the sound. In May of 2009 Walden Guitars gave us an endorsement so now we are touring the West coast promoting our new EP and loving the G3030CEQ! We continue to write new songs and develop and fine tune our sound. We encourage you to stop by our MySpace page and check us out.