Dianji Estévez Caraballo

Artist: Dianji Estévez Caraballo

"“My Walden CG3030TB is perfect for my New Age Percussive Fingerstyle. Even at very low tunings you can hear a wonderful characteristic Walden sound.”


19 year-old Dianji is from Göttingen, Germany. He is self-taught and known for his magnificent performances of new age percussive finger-style technique -- something between fingerpicking, percussion and bass slapping. Dianji has played guitar since 2001 and started playing fingerstyle in 2008. Now he also composes his own songs. With "Breaking the Silence" he won third place in the YouTube Secret Talent Awards. Dianji has chosen a Walden CG3030TB with LR Baggs iMix pickup, with which he can implement his percussive style of freestyle perfection.