Artist: Scott Bravo

"I have owned many guitars and my Walden is by far the sweetest sounding one of them. Sweet highs, gentle mids, and basses that are full without being boomy. The neck is perfect for my hands and fast runs are smooth all the way up and down the neck. The Fishman Prefix perfectly recreates the acoustic sound of the guitar and it's simple to dial in a great sound. This will be my main guitar both on and off the road. I simply could not be happier. Great job!"

Scott plays a G1070CEQ.

Scott Bravo is an instrumental, acoustic guitarist living in Cincinnati OH. However, Scott's story begins in a town in NY just outside of Syracuse. Scott picked up the guitar at the age of 16 with hopes of becoming a rock star. After playing in more than a few hardcore bands he grew weary of that scene and moved to Minneapolis MN in 2000 and joined another hardcore band called Collapse. Scott's search for an exciting new direction led him out of that band and, after hearing a Tommy Emmanuel song in Barnes and Noble, Scott immediately sold all of his gear and went acoustic. Forever. Scott quickly wrote 15 minutes of original music and took to the open mic scene of Minneapolis. Scott played every chance he got immersing himself in the singer/songwriter scene. Yet singing never appealed to Scott. From day one he has always aspired to be a great instrumentalist. "Lots of people sing and play the guitar. I needed to stand out." he says about that decision. After leaving Minneapolis for Biloxi MS Scott booked himself on a three week tour that took him back to NY, through OH, and MN and back just in time to pack again and move to Hampton VA. That's when things started to really happen. Unable to find any receptive venues, Scott was forced to take to the road for months at a time. He traveled and traveled and traveled. Playing to bigger and bigger crowds in more and more venues. Scott has taken his music to both coasts and almost every state in the country many times over. About the road Scott says, "I love it. All of it. Even sleeping in my car in Portland. In October. Just to be out there doing what I'm meant to do is amazing." Scott loves what he does and it is shows in every performance. He regularly performs around 150 times a year and 2008 looks to be more of the same. Scott's music has been compared to Pierre Bensusan, Adrian Legg and Will Ackerman. Mellow, jazzy, rambunctious. Scott is also a storyteller. His introspective and often hilarious stories are used to help the crowd make better sense of his songs. He says, "When you sing you tell the story. I just describe the scene. You write your own story." Scott and his brand new Walden G1070CEQ will be on the road very soon.