Artist: Tobi Born

"I love my SuperNatura G3030CEQ. Plugged on stage, with microphones in the studio or totally unplugged: its natural warm sound with strumming, the sparkling brilliance with fingerpicking and the dynamic sustain in playing solo inspire me time and time again. These characteristics linked with its excellent workmanship and elegant finish make it a real piece of jewelry that I don´t want to put down.”

Tobi Born, born 1979 in Cologne, experienced the guitar as his instrument at the age of 12. After playing with numerous student bands he founded the progressive rock band JACK L. in 1998. Up until 2005 they released 4 productions and played lots of concerts. Simultaneous he played in different coverbands and played studio sessions, live sessions and TV-sessions with acts like “Gates of Goldrain”, “Wink”, Dolores Hidalgo and many more.

In 2003 Tobi received his professional-program diploma from the “Future Music School” in Aschaffenburg. During his intensive academic studies he worked with teachers such as Rolf Bussalb (Nigel Kennedy), Peter Fischer, David Becker and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck).
In 2005 Tobi released his solo album “Where to go?”.

Now Tobi is primarily touring with the Nadine Kraemer Band (album “House of Cards”, 2008) and the 80s tribute combo “Fluxkompensator”. He is also a long time guitar teacher.