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Daniel Wagner Germany

My Walden G3030CEQ is a top instrument that I don´t want to miss anymore, neither on stage nor in the studio.

Daniel Wagner

Adam Wakeman UK

If a guitar sounds this good before you mic it, the end result will be  remarkable. 

Adam Wakeman

Dave Warren UK

The guitar has an amazing crisp and precise top end, yet has awesome bass tones and nicely rounded mids, an ideal sound for my style...

Dave Warren


Walden is a versatile guitar appealing to various genres allowing for a variety of uses from one single guitar.


Sally-Anne Whitten Australia

I need an instrument that is comfortable, transportable and reliable. I need to know I can pull a great sound at a moments notice. That’s my Walden.

Sally-Anne Whitten

PJ Wright UK

The CG2000CEQ has all the tonal richness, zing and natural compression of a posh American spruce/rosewood guitar.

PJ Wright
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