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Michael Shelton USA

There is a depth and personality to my Walden that is unlike any other guitar that I have ever played

Michael Shelton

The Sounds Sweden


The Sounds

Doug Stone USA

The guitar is great to play and I really like the feel on stage. Superior instrument.

Doug Stone

Pasquale Talarico USA

Whether on stage with my band or acoustic in a church, this guitar answers the call.

Pasquale Talarico

Laura Thompson UK

I bought it because it simply outclasses other guitars in a similar price range.

Laura Thompson

Sonja Ullmer Germany

I play a Walden SupraNatura N2030. This one is just ingenious and easily playable with it´s smallish distance between the strings and fingerboard

Sonja Ullmer

Emmanuel Vergeade France

Well balanced, warm tones, precise intonation, and the utmost playability makes the Walden G740CE a must for every player...

Emmanuel Vergeade

Adrian Vogel Germany

It sounds great on and off-stage and is easy to adjust live with its built-in EQ.

Adrian "Ady" Vogel

Billy Voight USA

I've never received an acoustic that played and sounded perfect straight out of the box, that is until I got my Walden!

Billy Voight
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