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Andreas Oberholz Germany

I love to use my Walden in my project studio for extreme strumming. It also performs very well when playing pop ballads with a pick. It’s an all-rounder which inspires me to try new things.

Andreas Oberholz

Erki Pärnoja Estonia

Music can enrich you and help you on the journey towards becoming a greater person.  My guitar and me, like painter and brush, we accompany each other on this very journey.

Erki Parnoja

Nastia Poleva Russia

I recommend the Walden G740CE to musicians who are not pursuing "pathos", and prefer to get an inexpensive guitar that provides a professional level of sound.

Nastia Poleva

Alan Jay Reed Germany

This Walden D350CE is not just a high class acoustic guitar for beginners but will also satisfy professional needs.

Alan Jay Reed

Tim Renton UK

It is absolutely beautiful, so easy to play, very light yet with a very precise sound and good balance between bass and top notes.

Tim Renton

Markus Rill Germany

To play my Walden D1030 is pure pleasure time after time. I like the balanced, dynamic sound when strumming my guitar.

Markus Rill

Andres Roots Estonia

It is reliable, versatile and has a tone entirely its own - just what I've been looking for.

Andres Roots

Jean-François Rossi France

Its extreme playability makes the Walden G3030CEQ the guitar everyone has ever dreamed of.

Jean-Francois Rossi
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