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Kerry Marshall USA

I feel like I've finally found the perfect guitar…
One that makes me fall in love with making music all over again.

Kerry Marshall

Arthur Mc Gregor Canada

My Walden guitar responds excellently both acoustically and using the Fishman Pickup system.... It's a pleasure to play.

Jerry Loos

Tobias Meinen Germany

My Walden guitars are in constant use, live and in the studio. They sound great, are easily playable and do really amuse.

Tobias Meinen

Nick Mendenhall USA

The tone is so crisp and well rounded with bright mids and highs and distinguishable low end that does not overpower the rest. The action and intonation are untouchable even by guitars that are three times the price.

Nick Mendenhall

Bobby Messano

It is the most comfortable and playable performance acoustic guitar I have ever owned. Blows away the other acoustic guitar I've been using for the last ten years!

Bobby Messano

Polly Money UK

The tone of my Walden seems to get better the more I play it. It resonates beautifully especially when fingerpicking. It is an awesome guitar all round.

Polly Money

Mono Inc. Germany

So after having it on tour with me for more than one year, what more can I can say than: I won’t go anywhere without it in the future!

Martin Engler

Michael Mucklow USA

I love the quick response to finger picking - the sound springs off the top in such a lively manner...there seems to be a natural compression in these guitars.

Michael Mucklow
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