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Ilja Harjes Germany

With its comfortable playability and rich sound range from fine, warm brilliance up to powerful dynamics full of spirit, this guitar easily outpaces its competitors.

Ilja Harjes

Sean Harkness USA

The choice of materials, the structural approach (thin top, substantial yet easily playable neck, etc), and the fit-and-finish all contribute to a very good sounding and very playable guitar.

Sean Harkness

Jakko Jakszyk UK

It's a brilliant recording instrument and I've not touched my other acoustic guitars since I got it.

Jakko Jakszyk

Maite Kelley Germany

Walden Guitar has helped me compose and express the true me; Walden Guitar enables me more freedom; Walden Guitar makes it easy to pray, compose and be free.

Maite Kelley

Nadine Kraemer Germany

A really beautiful guitar that perfectly fits my music with its true sound.

Nadine Kraemer

Mike Krompass USA

I really love my G1070CEQ. I use it both live and in the studio. It has great feel, sounds great and looks cool too! It's also a great writing tool.

Michelle Lewis
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