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Tom Gamble UK

As a performer I need to know that I can plug and go with the reassurance that it's going to sound great - these guitars deliver the goods.

Eddie V. Garcia

Eddie V. Garcia USA

This is truly a magnificent piece of art and I cannot wait to start writing more songs with this awe-inspiring guitar.

Eddie V. Garcia

Dizzy Gillespie USA

It felt like an “old” guitar from the moment I picked it up and started playing (that's a good thing I hope you know)! 

Dizzy Gillespie

Paolo Gianolio Italy

The guys at Walden have spent a lot of time in developing a great sounding instrument.

Paulo Gianolio

Rex Goh Australia

...a fantastic finger-style guitar that has warm, mellow tones that provide me with that subtle variety, whether I am on the stage or in the studio.

Rex Goh

Jimmy Golding UK

My Walden guitar has worked really well for me in the studio and on all my recent UK and international gigs and events. It's a great, solid, gigging guitar.

Jimmy Golding

John Goldtrain Germany

It is perfect for live sessions and sounds exactly the way I wished for. The sound is sparkling, but also deep and warm.

John Goldtrain
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