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Dianji Estévez Caraballo Germany

Even at very low tunings you can hear a wonderful characteristic Walden sound.

Dianji Estévez Caraballo

Colton Davy USA

This guitar has such a deep and smooth tone all the way up and down the board and sounds amazing playing live shows.

Colton Davy

Kane Dennelly Australia

Live or in the studio, open tunings, standard baritone tunings and even as a slide guitar, this guitar has never failed to impress both myself and my audiences!

Kane Dennelly

Glen Dickerson USA

"Silky smooth" the look, feel, and most importantly the way it plays.

Glen Dickerson

Joshua Dougan USA

Thanks to Walden for making a killer guitar, in today’s world of over priced driftwood.

Joshua Dougan
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