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Alwyn Aurisch Australia

Walden has provided me with that pleasant surprise that not only provides me with a great stage instrument but one which also gives me that additional choice in the studio.

Alwyn Aurisch

The Black Feathers UK

The mid range is rich and clear, while the bottom end is deep and resonant, without being boomy. And the sustain........!

Tobi Born

Tobi Born Germany

Its natural warm sound with strumming, the sparkling brilliance with fingerpicking and the dynamic sustain in playing solo inspire me time and time again.

Tobi Born

Scott Bravo USA

Sweet highs, gentle mids, and basses that are full without being boomy. The neck is perfect for my hands and fast runs are smooth all the way up and down the neck.

Scott Bravo

Joe Brooks UK

I like its raw tone a lot, bright and powerful and yet finger picks beautifully.

Sam Broussard

Sam Broussard USA

The Walden plays great, sounds great, and was hardly the most expensive link in the chain.

Sam Broussard

Josh Bunce UK

This guitar is truly a pleasure to play and works fantastically both live and in the studio.

Josh Bunce
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